January 15, 2010

Over It. But Also Not Sure I Was Ever Under It.

…aaaaaaaaaaand I’m back to thinking about redecorating again.

Redecorating, you say?

Didn’t you just move in last April? It hasn’t even been a year.  Are you really going to redecorate? 

And the answer to that question -- after a sly stink eye-- is Yes. But keep in mind I am also crazy. Also, I read too many design blogs. Note to self: whittle down the design porn.

(But how can you not be inspired by the color combo in this room? [No, I am not thinking about nurseries thankyouverymuch]  Also, I want these chairs immediately.  Ack!  So many ideas.)

Anyway, I feel justified because I’m not really RE-decorating because technically we never really finished the decorating process. We have no paint on the walls or anything, just furniture and stuff, so I say it’s fair game.

I guess what prompted the whole idea is that I am so sick of our sheets right now.  The last few nights I have woken up in a crazy toga-tangle of jersey bedding which annoys the hell out of me in the middle of the night. So we need new sheets.  STAT.  And if I buy new sheets -- as my rationale goes -- I get a new duvet cover, right? So I’m thinking about moving our old duvet to the guest bedroom, but then I’d have to move the master bedroom art to guest bedroom too, and then our walls would be bare so I would need to handle that.

New paint.

New sheets.

New comforter.

New art.

So now we’re back to redecorating.

Fickleness -- one of my less favorable qualities.

1 comment:

Emily said...

Oooh! We redecorated our bedroom in grey and yellow and I LOVE IT.

(West Elm has some awesome stuff in those tones now.)



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