May 30, 2008

Fashion Crisis: Averted

The Event: Wedding Rehearsal Dinner at Il Fornaio

The Dress: Cute navy blue and white wrap dress from Target that I can no longer find online to show apologies.

The Mission: Find red shoes that are cute by neither too tall, nor too hookery (yes, that is the technical term)

Today on my lunch break I walked into Payless Shoe Source, and $16 later I am the owner of these lovely ladies:

How much does Payless rock? And if you want to know the truth I grabbed Taco Bell for lunch because I was in a huge hurry, and it was DELISH!!!

All in all, not a bad lunch break.

May 19, 2008

Reason # 472 why people never believe it when I tell them I'm half Mexican

Getting ready this morning I was a little bitter.

After some vacay, some time spent at the beach, and definitely some fun in the sun, I wasn't dying to get back to work on a Monday morning, but I found a little inspiration in my bathroom cabinet this morning that kept me going in the form of Faux Tan. As I was doing my makeup I thought to myself -- "To heck with it, I don't want to go to work, but I've been at the beach for 4 days so I'm going to go a little heavy on the bronzer this morning to give myself that 'fresh from vacation' glow." And it worked. I felt fabulous!

And then I walked into work.

THREE SEPERATE PEOPLE asked me today why I was so white when I just got back from vacation.


I'm back to being Bitter.

May 18, 2008

Fun Hangover

So I just got back from another week in San Diego and I'm wondering how can I be homesick when I just got home?

Garrett and I were down in SD in March for a funeral, we are heading back in June for a wedding, and I just spent this past week there for work -- it is slowly becoming my favorite place EVER! No matter what the occasion, it is always beautiful, and I am pretty much realizing I am in love with it. The fact that my cousin Jen lives down there and is super fun is just icing on the cake!

And I think this will clarify the homesickness. Yesterday I was here:

And today -- I am doing laundry and getting ready to start the week. (I'd insert a pic but my super hot outfit and equally sexy hairdo might not be as relaxing of an image as above.)

As much as I LOVE Sacramento, is it any wonder I am a little bummed to be heading back to reality tomorrow?

May 07, 2008

Dear Adorable Boyfriend Who Is Probably Rolling His Eyes Right This Minute,

I was serious when I told you the other day that I wanted to send your mom a thank you note. You laughed, but I don't think you realize the amount of gratitude I have for her.

I'd certainly thank her for introducing me to the "good kind" of Thousand Island dressing to put on Taco Salad, for passing on her old Jane Austen DVDs, for introducing me to dear old Inspector Lynley, and of course, for only ever being nice as pie to me, and never treating me like the woman trying to take away her only son. (phew!)

But far more impotant than all of those combined, I would thank her because 27 years ago today your mom began to cultivate a precious little guy who would grow up and change the course of my life, quite literally. I've met many people at my age (thank you again, by the way for reminding me this morning that I will always be the older woman -- ha!), and I have definitely come across my fair share of gentlemen, but it wasn't until I met you that I truly knew what it meant to be in love. I grew up in a loving family who was always there when I needed them, but it was only when I met you that I found the kind of love that I was really willing to work hard for.

We've been through alot together, baby. And each day when we wake up and I poke at you with my chipper morning face on, and then you say something hysterical while you are still half asleep -- I realize that all that hard work really did reap some phenomenal rewards.

Our years together have changed my life, Garrett -- and there's no better day than today to celebrate that.

Happy 27th Birthday, Cuteness! I can't wait for the next 27!


Your Hippie Dippie Girlfriend Who Loves Writing Sappy Love Letters


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