Courtesy of Donna Beck Photography

Well hello there.  Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Holly and and I am a book-loving, CrossFitting, Paleo Cooking, Lover of Adventure who is currently living in Sacramento, California.  That picture of me above, while a nice one, was taken of me 80 lbs ago.  Paleo cooking and the lovely folks over at American River CrossFit  have helped me become the most bad-ass version of myself over the last year and I'm having a blast on the journey.  If you interested in that particular element, I document what I currently look like over here since it is ever changing.  You get the idea though, right?  I am the type of person who likes to cop a squat on railroad tracks in a pretty dress to stare off at the sunset.  I mean, who doesn't?

Since I mentioned a few things recently that have helped me become the best version of myself, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the love of my life (and Partner-in-Crime) Garrett.  He is my biggest supporter outside of my mother, and let me tell you NO ONE is going to pry those rose colored glasses from her face.  Anyway, that's Garrett below and he instantly turns fuchsia every time I mention his name on this site.  It's a good thing he looks good in pink. 
Courtesy of Donna Beck Photography

I started this website in 2006, and mostly I write about whatever is interesting me at the moment.  Bobby Brown was onto something with My Prerogative -- somebody tell me why he had to go off the deep end and take Whitney with him?  Currently I write a lot about books, and often I talk cooking and recipes because I am a giant food nerd.  If you come to my house for breakfast we will inevitably discuss what's on the menu for lunch.  It's kind of a rule.  Lately I've been talking quite a bit about how I want to kiss Paleo Eating and Crossfit on the mouth because it has helped me lose over 80 lbs.  I know I said that once already, but YOU GUYS, it is a huge accomplishment and I'm pretty darn proud of myself.  (If you want the entire weight loss saga it starts here

I started writing here for many reasons but most revolved around the fact that when I don't write I feel gross, and that seems to be as good of a reason as any to do something besides, you know, heroin.  The reason I continue to write here is because blogging has introduced me to some amazing people and some life changing things! Well, that and the fact that in my dream life I am obsessive at documenting, but in my real life my scrap booking skills are pretty mediocre. 

If you stick around this site I will probably talk endlessly about unimportant things and pepper it with a few of my deep thoughts here and there.  If you care to share any of your own deep thoughts (or minutiae too!) drop me a line at hawoodcock [at] gmail [dot] com.  

You can find me on twitter   and if you are so inclined I'd love it if you would take a minute to subscribe.   I think in life we don't ask for what we want enough, and I would like you to be a part of this little community here.  You are cordially invited to stick around for a while -- I hear the food is pretty good...


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