Cooking Bucket List

Cooking adventures I'm itching to master
  1. Take a knife skills class
  2. Take a cooking class at the Co-Op
  3. Roast a Beef Tenderloin
  4. Make a Prime Rib
  5. Find a Go-To Spaghetti Sauce
  6. Find a Salmon recipe that Garrett will eat
  7. Make Egg Nog
  8. Grill Lamb Chops
  9. Beef Bourguignon
  10. Roast the perfect chicken (it WAS perfect!)
  11. Host a Clam Bake
  12. Make BBQ'd Oysters
  13. Learn how to use a smoker
  14. Brew my own beer
  15. Mix a blue cheese vinaigrette
  16. Find the perfect homemade BBQ Sauce
  17. Make Fried Chicken
  18. Make Gin
  19. Make a Flavored Vodka
  20. Take a Sushi Making Class
  21. Have a Fondue Party
  22. Make a Signature Salsa


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