January 20, 2010

Ground Control to Major Tom

What the hell is up with weather? 

I don't know what it is like in your neck of the woods but here in Sacramento it is storming like crazy.  Winds at 65 mph, rain -- and did I mention the wind?  Sweet Jeebus it's like Storm Central up in here and you know no one in California knows how to drive in the rain -- we don't know how to drive when it dips under 70 degrees, right? 

So the lights have been flickering on and off at work all day, and of course now that I am getting ready to leave the building there is just an absolute downpour happening. UGH.  The only reason I mention this (I know you don't come here for the weather report) is that I am using this time to not only wait out the storm so I can get home in one piece, but to come up with a good action plan for when I get home.  And I've come up with the following:

1.  Do not pass go (but still feel free to collect the $200)
2.  Do not go to the gym (hey, I went last night and it was just what the doctor ordering considering my mood)
3.  Cook something totally random that is neither gourmet nor healthy (but comforting and delicious!)
4.  Find down comforter immediately and position yourself optimally on the couch
5.  Read your book or watch something delightfully  trashy on the dvr for the rest of the evening

Call me crazy, but I think it's a pretty sound plan.

Speaking of trashy -- did you click on that link up there for Keeping up with the Kardashians?  Is Kourtney really pregnant and posing in a negligee on the website?  I mean, I'm all for feeling sexy when you're pregnant, but pregnant lingerie shoots for reality show marketing purposes just seems a bit...weird.  I dunno.  

Also, speaking of the book I'm reading-- I'm in a new online bookclub called Booklushes, because I'm such a book nerd and I'm NOT even ashamed.  Also it is full of some of my favorite people, so that helps too.  But seriously you should check it out, it's pretty fab, and the book I'm reading now is for the club  and I love it already.  You've got until the 15th of February to read it...you know you want to! 


Kristie said...

The weather here is insane, too! It snowed on Christmas, got to 11 degrees 2 weeks ago and it was 75 a few days ago. GLOBAL WARMING!

Pumpkin said...

The weather is simply crazy! However, I love it! It's so relaxing.

Thanks for the book club suggestion I've been wanting to read "The Help." Book Nerds Unite!

PenelopeLovesLists said...

Im with you, sistah! I'm so incredibly sick of the weather (I'm over here in the SF Bay Area) and ready for some sun. I'm really wanting to wear some flip flops and have an excuse to get a pedicure!


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