September 26, 2006

Sense and Sensibility

Getting dressed this morning I did something a little unusual. I willingly put on a pair of granny panties. Not disgusting or huge panties, or Bridget Jones tummy sucking panties, but full caboose, no design, plain white cotton undies. And you know what--I felt so sensible all day. Is that weird?

I got up on the wrong side of the bed, I was tired and didn't really want to go to work. I showered and it was still chilly. I wanted coffee, oatmeal, and E! News on my couch...I certainly wasn't interested in proper primping, packing a lunch, or sitting at my desk all day solving the greater Sacramento area's insurance problems. I think that's why I put them on in the first place. Feeling somewhat rebellious and spiteful, I picked out a sloppy outfit, taking full advantage of the last few days of United Way Campaign related mid-week casual dress. Jeans, polo, flats....I didn't even want to do my hair. I think that's why I chose the chonies. You know how there is nothing better than being in a totally reasonable outfit with a leopard thong on underneath? Well I was determined for my booty to mirror my mood so I put on the plainest skivs I own. But seriously, I think it might have had an unconcious effect on my decision making.

On a somewhat related yet unrelated note, I'm feeling slightly under the weather, so tonight I stayed home instead of attending a birthday dinner for a friend of mine (once again, a sensible decision...who am i? passing up a social occasion to take care of myself. But btw, I am still wearing the undies) Anyway--so I'm here watching Dancing With the Stars, and can I just say-- how fun is this show? I think I might be addicted. Watching the behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage before each dance, however, and seeing Mario Lopez wearing a headband--that's a little much. Ever since he cheated on Ali Landry and they divorced like 5 weeks after being married, I've just lost the pubescent AC Slater love that I once felt for him during the Saved by the Bell Years. And seeing him in a headband doing the tango and taking himself very seriously...what a douche!

God I'd go on with this incredibly informative rant about underwear and headbands, but Sex and the City is on. I LOVE night's in!


beckyjsacto said...

Hey Holly~

Greg & I miss seeing you at Peet's! Thanks for calling out that a-hole on the sacrag too!

Becky (aka "Runnergirl")

Anonymous said...

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