September 10, 2006

Don't Waste Your Time or Time Will Waste You

With the boyfriend out of town, I thought this would be the perfect weekend to indulge myself in some chick-ness, relax and spend some time alone without feeling guilty or missing out, finish up some projects that have been hanging over my head, sleep ridiculously late, and maybe go out with some friends I have not been the best at making time for as of late. I am finding, however, that apparently this list was far more ambitious that I initially thought because it is Sunday afternoon and I have done, let me see...yup--nothing on that list. Well, if you count the fact that I did almost finish the BBC version of Coupling on dvd that I rented last night as I was cooking myself dinner (which btw, I didn't even end up eating), then I guess I did do some chick indulging. But I think if you are watching girly shit while doing other chores though, it doesn't really count!

So what have I done, you ask? Well since said boy's trip did not begin until Saturday morning, I stayed there Friday night which just shot Saturday morning to bits because I didn't even end up home until almost 11. I spent the latter part of Saturday morning and early afternoon having serious conversations to avoid impending family drama this weekend at my cousin's wedding which was somewhat exhausting. This included one well-intended lecture from my Aunt Amy via cell phone (of course after asking me for directions to Arden Fair mall which is the real reason she called) telling me to swallow my pride and make up with my cousin, because 1 week after the wedding I won't really care that she has been periodically behaving like Bridezilla for the last at least 6-8 months and I shouldn't mess up my own memories of the wedding because I'm stubborn (which is probably sound advice), and one well-inedited white flag waving session with said cousin which then turned into a bullshitting fest because we had stuff to catch up on because we have been fighting for over a month. Actually, though tiring, I felt much better afterwards, which is promising. And even though I did do the proverbial pride swallowing thing etc, I am ultimately happy that my cousin and I are once again speaking, and hopefully we will be able to have a fun and celebretory weekend this coming fri, sat, and sun at her wedding and supporting festivities (rehearsal dinner, wedding, nightout after the reception, and sunday brunch)....All of this brings me to Saturday afternoon.

The boyfriend is lovely. The boyfriend looks good in clothes. The boyfriend despises shopping (this is something we do NOT have in common). He tells me Friday night that he is stressed because with the upcoming wedding has nothing to wear (this is something, oddly enought, that we DO have in common, as I find myself saying that ever so often, and I have not yet figured out WTF I am wearing to any event except the actual wedding). With a small inventory of his closet Saturday morning I realize that although "nothing" is not necessarily an accurate description of the situation, there is some work that needs to be done before we leave on Friday afternoon (T-minues 5 1/2 days and counting). With a list consisting of: darker washed jeans, a nice yet casual shirt befitting of a rehearsal dinner at a brewery (not as easy as it sounds folks!), and a new pair of casual shoes that do not qualify as athletic apparel---I send him off to have a manly weekend of drinking too much, eating too much, and gambling too much with his uncles in Lake Tahoe (and thank god because he sooooo deserves a little vacay!)

Well I'll be damned, but I have made the steadfast determination that shopping for boy is: a) not as fun as shopping for myself and b) not as easy when the boy is not there. I found myself Saturday afternoon in Nordstrom at the Rail making this very adorable but unfortunate sales guy try on shirts that no matter how cute they look, I'm most positive my fashion frugal boyfriend will not be able to justify the price. He isn't cheap by any means, but clothing is not necessarily the outlet he chooses when it comes to spending the cheddar. Knowing this, however, I still picked up a lovely shirt that, although out of his comfort zone, I though would look adorable on him. Frankly I bought it because I just couldn't bear to leave it at the store. I then rummaged through my friend's husbands closet and found 2 pairs of Prada jeans (TAGS STILL ATTACHED!!!) and a pair of nice dress pants. Not sure how the Prada jeans would fit, and realizing that they are a bit long and the thought of tailoring adding extra stress, I found some backup jeans at Banana Republic that fit the "darker, nicer, trouser style" I pictured in my head. Banana Repubic is wonderful, I wish I lived in their website. Its kind of like "The world of Ralph Lauren" I wanna live there playing polo and wearing wooly argyle, staying warm by the fire in the study...but that's an aside. Moving right along, I went home...POOPED. And with nothing at all for myself, I might add, except a $10 Brass Plum necklace that I may or may not use for my own Rehearsal dinner outfit...which by the way is still To Be Determined! (story for a later date).

It is wonder I had only enough energy to come home, remove heels immediately, change into a ridiculously comfy outfit, buy a few things at Safeway for my delicious dinner that I was planning to enjoy alone and on my couch while watching horrifying television that I would never admit to watching (ok ok, Laguna Beach re-runs, Hogan Knows Best, and maybe an episode of Iron Chef or two!) But after this day full of madness, I fall asleep before this dinner was even done baking. Thank God for oven timers or I might have slept all night on my couch while doing my part to start a house fire, which would have been AWESOME considering I don't have renter's insurance. Incidentally I was so tired that when it was done I just let it cool, didn't even taste it ,(though I must admit I indulged in a few spoonfuls of birthday cake ice cream while waiting for this to cool) wrapped it in saran wrap, and went to bed. WHEW!

Enter Sunday morning...Woken up by the sound of multiple text messages in a row (which by the way ranks right up there with my effing alarm clock) I realize that the weekend is now officially half over, and I have completed nothing from my wish list. I end up, however, back out shopping for boyfriend, 100% commited to the fashion to-do-list. My roommate and her man were heading out to Folsom to check out the Gap Outlet (since both of them are also sans outfit for this weekend's wedding) so I figured I would tag along, and maybe pick up some back up shirts for BF, since the one that I ultimately chose at Nordstrom looked wonderful on the sales guy (and surely even better on MY guy) but carried a $70 price tag that, as I alluded to earlier, might require a spoonful of sugar, if you know what I mean. The Gap outlet yielded 3 more shirts of varying styles and prints, and an outfit hand picked by roommate's BF that consisted of adorable pinstrip-ey pants, an undershirt (sure to be BFs favorite part) and a v-neck sweater that will look appropriately chic for an "occasion" dinner, though casual enough to be clothes he just "happened to have on". The upside: this outfit will not require the new pair of shoes which my initial list posessed (score!). The downside: the conservative preppy look might be a harder sell, is long sleeved (weather is supposed to be around 80 degrees), and the inseam on the pants I'm almost quite sure is about an inch too long. Must see on to determine if that 1 inch makes or breaks the outfit. So the dilemma now is-- do I go out and find a new pair of shoes just in case????

Pro New Shoe Shopping:
BF needs more casual shoes anyway- having a shoe wardrobe that consists of flip flops he won't wear in public, very fashionable Pumas (though the colors limit outfit combos), New Balance Sneakers, and mucho expensiv-o shoes that he wears to work, does not leave BF much wiggle room when it comes to casual yet dressy affairs. The stylishness of the New Balances goes unappreciated (ha ha) but the expensive shoes might be a little too nice, or he might "feel" a little too dressed up since he only wears them to work. Though I may not need to pick up a new paiir shoes now, I feel confidant that since this was not the first time BF has had this problem, it won't be the last time. And being the solution oriented chick I am, I'd like to just squash this issue, and make his fashion-life a little bit easier.

Con New Shoe Shopping:
What the hell do I know about men's quasi-casual shoes. Let me think for a minute...oh yeah that's right...NOTHING. I know what I think looks cute...but I don't know what he will and won't tolerate/wear. I don't want to pick something he hates and have him never wear them again, and I don't want him to feel uncomfortable. And shopping for shoes for someone who is pretty gosh darn picky is intimidating!!! Not to mention I haven't done shit for myself this weekend, and guess who still has to go back to work tomorrow morning and pretend this weekend was refreshing as ever. So, I'm torn.

I think I will just go to Nordstrom Rack. Check the selection, and see what tickles me. Or rather what might tickle him.

And in the laundry isn't even done! :)

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