September 11, 2006

A is for Anxious, B is for Broke, C is for Civic LOVE!!!

As if I needed another reason to be anxious, my car decided to start making this horrible screeching noise last night. I don't mean like cute farm animal squealing, but rather metal on metal grossness. So in an effort to take on this probelm head on, my roommate and I went to Safeway to buy wine...which upon first glass gave me an immediate headache. BOO! It is times like this that I wonder how the universe works. Why of all weeks, does my car have to go and "need attention" this week? I have 100 things on my plate that all need to be dealt with like 10 minutes ago, and then my car goes and acts like it needs some lovin. I love you little know this...I know I haven't washed you in a bit, but don't mistake that for not being loved. I love you! Needless to say, this has catapulted my anxiety into outer space.

Ironically enough, it is times like this when I feel like the little boy who cried wolf. I have been so busy being anxious about things that ultimately will not affect my life, when this gigantic situation of SUCK comes along and really threatens to screw things up. I mean your car is your mode of transport, your ticket to independence, and c'mon, we all know it is my purse outside my purse. Not having my car accessible to me at all times is REALLY infuriating. The problem is, I have spent like 5 days straight stressing about the wedding I'm going to this weekend, the pros and cons of self tanner, strapless bras, my boyfriend's outfits, my own outfits, tummy sucker-in-ers, and all this NONSENSE (yes I am admitting its all nonsense) has left me with little room to actually cope with the stress of things that are actually stressful.

Yes that's right, I have wasted my stress on the not-stressful, and now that I really have something to stress about, I am all out of coping skills. I bet my body is working overtime producing cortisol...the "stress hormone that makes belly fat" know, that you see on late night infomercials selling bottles of pills that 'melt fat away'. This is also very timely. Instead of being able to face a challenge head on and attack it, my body is making "belly fat". Which leads me back to tummy sucker-in-ers....You see it's a vicious cycle with no end in sight. Awesome.

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