June 03, 2010

Lather Rinse Repeat

Well every week can't be Mardi Gras now, can it?  Things are plugging along in our neck of the woods with most days and nights being none too blog-worthy.  Garrett has been working at Peet's Coffee & Tea (where we met!  awww!) so his schedule has been very part time and very flexible which has been awesome.  I'm still loving having him around the house more and just the general calm we've got going on with only one of us running around like a chicken with their head cut off trying to balance everything.  (Um, guilty.)

I've been doing a few things I'm proud of, but again, they aren't really headline making:  I've been going to the gym, like um, every night and just pushing myself like crazy.  And I love it.  I love when I am in a routine like this because working out feels so damn good.  I never EVER leave the gym and regret working out, it's just the getting there that is a real mind game sometimes -- prioritizing fitness is hard, yo!  It's been very easy the past few weeks because we haven't had a lot of things going on in the evenings so it's been no thing to pop over the gym and work out.  As I look to next week's calendar with multiple mid week social events and weekend parties, I feel a little anxious.  I'm just going to keep reminding myself what my priorities are, try and make good decisions, and basically cross my fingers and hope it all works out!  Maybe I'll even plan some early morning workouts, who knows -- let's get crazy!  :)

Anyway, the other super exciting thing going on (#sarcasm) is that I am studying for a test for an Insurance Designation I am getting for work, and the 300 page book that is all! about! insurance!  is about as interesting and you can imagine.  For a textbook it's not so bad, but the subject matter is a bit, um...technical?  So it is taking me a while to get through.   Not to mention I procrastinated like an ass, so even I've had the book for a month you know I am cramming, college-style, to get all the reading done because the test is TOMORROW.  Nice.  But I'm still proud of myself because it is easy to get into a slump at work and just show up so I am happy that I'm taking my time and investing in my own learning at work.  

So with all the aforementioned excitement, this week pretty much looks like this:

*Wake up at 5
*Read INS book
*Do a few things around the house
*Work/Email/Work/Read the Internet/Work
*Cook Dinner
*Maybe squeeze in some bad reality tv and a conversation with my sweetie

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

And every once in a while there is a thrilling new event like Tuesday when I got to take my car into the shop (Crimony with the A/C problems -- the house! the car! -- it may just be a sweaty summer, yet).  Or then there was yesterday when the spider guy came to our house and sprayed for bugs -- which sidenote, is wonderful but also disgusting.  You see when those bugs die, they do not properly dispose of themselves, they just lay out in your patio/yards/garage DEAD until YOU dispose of them.  Um...ICK!  File that under Things I did not contemplate when planning The Great Bug Extinction of 2010.   But anyway, bugs!  Dead!  I'm happy!  (Well, for now.) 

In the end, life is good even though it is not going to win any awards for Extreme Entertainment!   My life is so boring it is like this season of The Hills, but with a less glamorous wardrobe.  Cross your fingers I pass my test tomorrow so I can do some true celebrating and then maybe at least have a good lamp shade/table dancing story for you! 

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