May 26, 2010


Not that I need this blog to be all rainbows, puppy dogs, and unicorn farts but somedays I don't blog because the only thing going through my mind when I go to post are long lists of Things That Are Pissing Me Off.  I really hate posting back to back ranty-everything-sucks-posts but dude, is Mercury in retrograde or something, because that is just going to have to be the situation.  Today is definitely a Vent About Shitty Things In List Form type of day and that list includes, most notably:

*Everyone on the road.  OMG, why is everyone on the road an asshole?
*The Weather -- because it's almost June.  And it's raining outside.  WTF?  (But I guess I should see this as a secret blessing seeing as we have made no progress on Operation: Replace the House AC for 900 Million Dollars).
*The fact that everytime I have had the radio on today they are playing that dumb ad about American Idol saying  - Tonight we will finally answer the question of (insert Ryan Seacrest's annoying voice)  "The next American Idol is..."   Because people, this is not a question.  It is an unfinished statement.  A fragment. A brief pause for philosophical pondering.  But!  IT IS NOT, in fact, A QUESTION.
*The fact that my coworker is out for the next week and I am taking all of her calls and OMG the phone with Not. Stop. Ringing.  (Though I'm glad she's on vacay, because she deserves it!)  Which makes it inordinately hard to get anything done at work.
*That very obvious truth that men and women approach communication so differently. 
*Oh, and a just a post script  piece of advice regarding that last one -- asking a woman if she is going to start her period is a wonderful way to get a swift kick in the nuts.   Not so much a vent, but more a warning. 
*That fact that the generic rattling going on in my car and the unidentifiable pain in my tooth will both be certainly be fixable; HOWEVER, you and I both know that these types of problems are never cheap.
*That everything costs money.
*And Isn't it weird how a savings account takes ages to grow, yet mere seconds to deplete.
*Which reminds me, after weeks of working out religiously and noticing the difference in my clothes I smugly bought a few new pairs of pants in a smaller size, THAT ARE NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN TIGHT.
*Excuse me while I reach for an ice cream sandwich to dull that pain.
*That every book I have picked up in the last month has been a total bust.  (Except the one I'm reading now.  Hopefully I'm not jinxing myself.)
*Unidentifiable lights that come on in your car.  Mystery pictures that appear to imply your brake lights are out when they are not?  WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME, MYSTERY SYMBOL?

Seriously, tomorrow I am going to start my day by doing this.

Anything you would like to rant about?  C'mon, I feel better already! 

*Idea borrowed from the great Angella


Carrie said...

LOL - You just made my day! Yes all other drivers are assholes and I completely feel your pain with your coworker being out. Yes I'm also I'm super happy for mine that she's on vacation, but I'm drowning in paperwork while she's gone. Hope it gets better for ya!

Meredith from PenelopeLovesLists said...

Uh, you saw my last post, right? Boy, was I in a ranting sort of mood!

I'm right with you on the expensive AC install. We need AC and yet, bc our poor house was built in 1959, we've been told we can't install AC until we totally, 100% overhaul our entire electrical system. Cost? $15000+.

Color me sweaty, my friend.


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