June 09, 2010

Deep Cleansing Breaths

The other day I was sitting on the couch for a minute and I realized I was breathing in a very shallow manner.  I have a habit of doing this unconsciously when I am very stressed, but it is not as dramatically obvious as say biting my nails or something so I don't often notice it. 

"Self, what are you stressing about?"  I thought in my head.  "You are sitting on the couch.  This is not stressful." 

(Don't worry, I imagine talking to myself far more than I actually do.  I'm not about to go all Danielle from RHONJ on you. CRAZYPANTS!)

So I started thinking and I realized, holy smokes, even though it doesn't feel like it all the time we have A LOT of stressful plates spinning right now:

*The A/C situation in our house (we are in the process of getting estimates)
*Both cars being in the shop over the last two weeks
*Potentially buying a new car
*Relandscaping our front and back yards (OMG this is a blog post in itself, OY!)
*My studies for my work designation
*Garrett is considering the GRE and going back to school
*New jobs, new schedules, and new routines
*I'm thinking about starting a Food Blog  (baby steps at the moment)
*I have sort of injured my foot and am now hobbling around my house in the morning like an old person

Holy Harriet, our life is like MAJORLY in flux! 


(Are you surprised at all that with all this crap going on I told Garrett the other night "We should totally start planning our wedding in August so we can get married next May.  I don't want to be a sweaty bride." Because just what we need is another large, life changing project!)

(Someone needs to put me in a mental institution.)

Anyway, this isn't really news here I guess since I've been sort of passively grumbling around on this site for the last couple of weeks, but I guess it just took that little mental list making and shallow breathing episode to make me conscious of what I've got to do over the next few weeks. 

Yes, things are changing and projects are afoot.  But NO, I don't need to let it control me or stress me out to the point where all I post on this site is how awful things are and whine, complain, whine, complain (and then go blaming in on the Manzo's...ha!)  Life is good (if not complicated) but I think a full life can be a happy life if you let it, so damnit this is my deep cleansing breath right here in writing. 

I'm going to get through all this business, I swear.  Thanks for indulging me, friends! 


HappyJacki said...

As soon as I started reading your post, I started taking deeper breaths - thanks for the reminder! Perhaps some yoga is in order?

Sammy said...

Hang in there Holly!

I know what you mean about feeling stressed... It's terrible... And with all the technological distractions, we need to take more time out during the day.

I've started by not watching TV late at night anymore and winding down naturally.

PS: How stressful is it buying a car?! We just did this, and it was HELL!



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