June 22, 2010

Reading and Ritual

I finally updated my goodreads profile the other day and came to the sad realization that in the Month of May I didn't finish a single book.  Since reading is pretty much my favorite way to spend down time, I was obviously a bit disappointed.  It is especially sad when you compare it to last May when I read 8 books!  Granted last May I spent 12 days in Maui where I read 6 of those books and spending the early mornings drinking coffee on a lanai is far more conducive to reading than the hustle bustle of everyday life --  but STILL!  That is no excuse. 

Last week I spent a few minutes browsing some of my favorite reading blogs (minutes!  ha!  I kid. I kid.  It was more like hours) and immediately pulled up a second browser with my local library's catalog system ready to request whatever piqued my interest.  I ended up with about 20 new books in addition to the other stuff I previously had on hold.  These have been slowly but surely making their way to the hold shelf at the library and I have been stopping by to pick them up little by little on my way home from work and I contend there is nothing more exciting than a stack of new books, fresh from the library waiting to be read! 

I wasn't joking yesterday when I said I am inspired to try and create a life that I don't want to escape, and one of the things that gets me giddy when planning some escape time is:  Can I squeeze in some uninterupted reading time? I mean hours to read all to myself is such a luxury unavailable in the everyday life, right?   Well forget that, I say!  I have come up with a solution that makes this luxury come standard in my everyday life.  I've been setting my alarm for 5am -- which I know makes some people's mouths drop -- so please don't think I am recommending this for everyone.  But for me?  I'm a morning person and basically the second I get out of bed, I'm up and ready to have a conversation or take on the day or whatever.  I know that sounds sickening, but it was not my natural state, trust me.  I spent over 10 years in the coffee industry and part of that job description is that you learn to get up at unimaginable hours, so mostly it's a non-issue for me as long as I go to bed at a decent hour.  So the other day I asked myself -- why am I not taking advantage of that? 

Getting up early is someting I love.  Uninterupted time to myself to read is also something that I love.  So why not combine the two (especially when it is summer and it is BEAUTIFUL in the morning) for a little daily luxury?  I have started almost everyday for the last week with almost 2 extra hours to read, drink my coffee, enjoy the weather before it gets crazy-hot, and just RELAX!  I mean my backyard is no Maui Lanai but it has totally felt like a mini-vacation every single day, not to mention I've been tearing through books like gangbusters (Well for me at least, I read dreadfully slow).   I'm just so happy to be able to make one tiny intentional change that so far is making a world of difference. 

So, now that that is out of the way -- tell me, I've got my Library Catalog Browser open...what are you reading right now???

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Sizzle said...

That's great that you've put aside time to do something that you love. Good for you! I am a morning person too and when I am up, I am awake. I am trying to shift my wake up to give time to working out.

I'm about to start reading The Help for my book club.


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