October 14, 2009

What A Difference A Year Makes

A year ago today I turned 30. Instead of freaking out, I decided (as I often do in stressful situations) to throw a party, of course! I wish I could be one of those fabulous women who tells you that throwing a party always makes them feel energized and totally less stressed out, but it ohmygawd it doesn't. They are a ton of work, good lord! What throwing a party does do, however, is make delicious cocktails within arms reach. And that is not a half bad way to celebrate a scary transition, you all.

But how does one follow that up?

Well, in my opinion you don't. This year I'm choosing to ring in my birthday with a much quieter kind of celebrating and so far it has been enjoyable. I'm actually having a very productive day at work (I know, ho-hum) and tonight will be a quiet dinner with Garrett and some serious lounging/snuggling. To me, that sounds just perfect! This year marks 31. I am fully ensconsed in my thirties. And you know what, it feels nice. This year I kind of just want to exhale and marinate on that for a second.

As you may (or may not) recall, last year the week before my EPIC! 30TH! BIRTHDAY! EXTRAVAGANZA! I was also moving. (And that's not stressful at all, noooo.) My roommate of 6 years was moving back down South, and I was going to live alone for the first time. Eek! On the plus side, I was moving into this cute little studio which to this day, might be my single favorite piece of occupied real estate. But I was still picking up my life and transplanting it. It was fun and new, but oh man, was it exhausting.

This year, however, I am totally settled. I wanted to have the experience of living alone before Garrett and I moved in together, but after about 6 months of that I was ready to shack up, so we did. This birthday is not marked by any sort of migration (THANK GOD). Garrett and I have set up our first little nest and continue to love the ease of living together. Though life has thrown us some curve balls in the past few weeks, we are trying to remain open to any and all possibilites. And you know what? That has been totally exciting. Someone told me once that during your most uncertain times, that is when your life is full of the most possibility -- and I am trying to embrace that idea.

So this year, even though there is no party, and no brand new place, no fanfare and fireworks, no bands playing in the garage or jello shots being passed around -- I am just as happy as I was last year...perhaps, happier. Steadier, may be a more accurate description. I have settled into my thirties and feel a calm sense of accomplishment about that. Though life is still filled with craziness, I know at the end of the day I have 31 years of life experience that will get me through any mess of situations -- and although it may not sound as exciting -- it might be even better than a jello shot buzz on a cool night!


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday lady! I hope you have an awesome one.

barbetti said...

I'm ALL for the delicious cocktails!

Happy Birthday!

Manda said...

happy belated birthday!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!


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