October 23, 2009

Recipe Roundup

Here's a few links to satiate you over the weekend if you are feeling like having a little cooking extravaganza.

Some Recipes That Have Rocked My World This Week:

Chana Masala (via Orangette) - A spicy tomato and chickpea stew. Sounds a little left of center; however, is totally easy and will absolutely rock your mouth. I think Garrett's response was along the lines of "OMG can we eat this everyday?"

Quinoa with Butternut Squash, Bacon, and Walnuts - As if I needed more confirmation that the magic ingredients in any recipe are bacon and walnuts. Delish. Oddly this recipe came from the free Raley's Something Extra magazine. Who knew a free supermarket marketing magazine could provide such culinary delicacies?

Oven Roasted Vegetables with Crispy Parmesan Topping - Again with the Raleys recipes? I know! But this was a delight. I used a combo of the last squash from our garden, an eggplant that needed to be used, and zucchini in lieu of Winter Squash, but it that crusty topping was magic!

Some Recipes I Am Thinking Of Tackling This Weekend:

Easy Homemade Cheese Bread - I'm sorry, did you say easy, cheese, and bread? I'm in.

Steamy Kitchen's Swiss Onion Soup - Again, it's really all about the bread and the cheese, isn't it?

Zucchini and Goat Cheese Pizza - This is kind of a Summery recipe but I picked this mostly becauseI've had it bookmarked for so long and everytime I look at the picture, my mouth waters -- and, ya know, that usually bodes well when recipe browsing.

Clearly, I am craving some cheese, people. Frankly it is the main thing from keeping me going vegan. Well, cheese and butter. Okay and bacon. Oh jeez, this is not looking good for me. Let's change the subject, shall we?

So what are you cooking this weekend?


Anonymous said...

I love chana masala! Definitely going to make that in the near future. Let me know how the onion soup turns out. Sounds delish!

Natalie said...

Sorry, that comment was from me :)

Kristie said...

The first one sounds delish! I will be making that, I think I even have the ingredients. And it can veganized so easily!


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