October 22, 2009

Where to go? What to do?

Sadly, this morning I got out the white out to update our home calendar where we post all of our comings and goings. We had purchased tickets to head up to Portland for a long weekend in a few weeks for our Anniversary, but with all the instability surrounding Garrett's job and just the general funk that we have both been in, neither of us really felt like travelling, so we cancelled them. Kind of a bummer, but definitely indicative of my mood as of late. It is crazy when you think about it, because generally there is not much that can quell my wanderlust, but something about a trip in a couple weeks just doesn't feel right.

But all is not lost, and I actually don't mean this to be a whiny post at all so don't fret. What this means is that between the credit we now have for our Portland tickets, another $100 Southwest credit that I had lying around, and the $200 Southwest credit I got for recently getting off a too-full flight down to Anaheim -- we basically have to figure out where the hell we are going to go because this Southwest money isn't going to just spend itself. And that, my friends perks that wanderlust right back up.

So...where do we go?

Well, first of all we aren't planning to go anywhere until probably February or March. Hopefully things will calm down and get a bit normalized by then, so we are looking to do some late Winter/early Spring travel. Topping the list is perhaps a weeklong trip to Seattle and then maybe up to Canada. But also, I can't forget that Portland still excites me so I want to make that trip happen at some point. Oooh, but what about Chicago? That is one of Garrett's favorite places, so it is definitely on the list (though I am guessing it will be cold as all get out!) Austin, TX? How fun! Boston? So much to see! Georgia? Southern Comfort! New Orleans? Denver? New York? Do we wait until Summer and rent a cabin by a lake up in Wyoming or Montana?

WE COULD GO ANYWHERE....ack! The decision sort of paralyzes my little Libra brain.

So what do you think, peeps? My favorite thing in the world is to research potential vacation destinations. Where do you think I should start looking?


Lizzie said...

Seattle didn't even make your What If list?!?!

Holly said...

Heck yes it did! It is numero uno.

"Topping the list is perhaps a weeklong trip to Seattle and then maybe up to Canada."

Of course because of the fabulous people up there :)


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