December 11, 2008

Apropos of Nothing...

I have a lovely bullet pointed list of things to tell you, my pretties!

  • I am ready for the weekend! Last weekend went by way too fast and was filled with travelling for work, which always kind of sucks the life out of me, so I am totally excited to not have ANYTHING to do this weekend. WOO! I will probably spend a ridiculous amount of time reading my book and lounging in a bubble bath. Speaking of bubble baths, might I recommend this delicious trio of bath products from your local Target store? Not only does it make my skin feel fantastic, but it sort of smells like I'm bathing in sugar cookie dough -- which, you know, to me is a plus!

  • I need a new haircut, like stat! I've been growing my hair out a bit over the past couple months because I want a more 'medium-length' hairstyle I think, but it is like snaggletooth sally all of a sudden. It's driving me crazy and I need some inspiration. While it's in the ugly grow out phase, I'm thinking something like this:

    (Ok seriously, I know Kristin Cavalleri was so STUPID on Laguna Beach, but she is darling!)

    or perhaps this:

    (this is more along the lines of keeping it short, but so cute!)
    Any thoughts?

  • Have you seen this book???

  • OMG! How much did you love Sassy Magazine as a teenaged girl? I was a super fan, along with (of course) YM, Seventeen, and even Teen Magazine. Just reading about this book took me back to that time. Ah, how simple was life when the worst thing that could happen was getting a pimple before a big date or your superfine crush finding out you liked him? (sigh)

  • Last but not least -- along with the style funk that I mentioned the other day, I am totally in a fitness funk! I am getting too old to be this irresponsible with my health, and I feel more and more pressure everyday to really get my act in gear. I need to drop some pounds, begin a more regular fitness routine, and start managing my stress through more healthy outlets -- you know, like yoga instead of a glass of merlot? The problem is I am just TOTALLY unmotivated. Starting any kind of fitness routine is hard, and making any sort of life change is scary. So I may be talking about that type of stuff here over the next few months because it is seriously on my mind. I found a really fun website that kind of deals with all these types of things that have been on my mind. It's the brainchild of Linda over at All & Sundry who writes with wit so sharp it hurts! She writes quite a bit about motherhood, but does so in such a non-obnoxious way that it gives me hope that someday me and all of my snark will be ready to have some babies. Also she has really transformed her body and lifestyle over the last year and I just think that is awesome! Her new website is a real inspiration, so I just thought I would share with you all. And also let you know that when I figure out what my fitness strategies are going to be, I'll keep you guys posted, and any inspiration you have -- BRING IT ON! (You are waiting with bated breath, I know).

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AO said...

I miss Sassy, too. :) A whole lot.


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