December 09, 2008

First World Concerns...

So I'm kind of in a style funk. Dressing professionally 5 days a week can sort of suck the life blood out of style and I hate that this is the case! I know it is possible to remain smartly dressed -- stylish and confident -- while also being professional.

I came across this article via Amber over at My Aim Is True about 5 Ways to Define Your Own Personal Style and I thought it has some smart ideas, including:

1. Purchase a notebook and create a look book of inspiration. Clothing, models, makeup, people you think have good taste, etc. I think that sounds pretty fun, because I am TOTALLY into notebooks/journals etc. and I figure, what the heck, this will give me even more reasons to thumb through magazines or print out pretty things I see online. Just for fun and to get a better idea of what I find attractive, and what things I can do immediately to spice up my look.

2. Borrow Clothes and Accessories from your friends: experiment and find out what works for you. I'm probably less apt to do this, but what the hell...anyone have any fun jewelry they wanna swap? (Kelly, I'm looking at you...haha)

3. Start Taking Daily Outfit Photos So I am already a member of The Working Closet Flickr Pool where I occasionally post my outfits. Usually this is how it works: I post diligently for a week or two and really think about my wardrobe...then when I realize I am wearing a repeat of an outfit I wore previously, I decide not to photograph it and basically get lazy. Need to work on this. I've begun a set of photos of "What I Wore" but we will see if I can keep up with the creativity.

4. Write Yourself A Style Concept I feel like maybe a few weeks of look-booking and documenting what I wear will help me get this down to a few words or phrases.

5. Be Prepared To Spend Some Time Thinking About Your Look I'm pretty sure photgraphing my outfits, blogging about it, and reading about it imply a willingness party. I'm going to invest some time over the next few weeks and see what happens.

Anyone have any surefire style tips to share?

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griffinsmom said...

I still think this is a great idea. I also still think you should parlay parlee - whatever - your ability with style into dressing other people. Go with the first hair cut by the way despite the laguna beach taint. And remember you will soon have more dough, cake, duckets, denario to spend on clothes for yourself. Can you taste it?


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