October 22, 2008


Tomorrow night David Sedaris will be in Sacramento doing a reading at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium and I am borderline hostile that I won't be in attendance. I had such a fantastic experience the last time he was in town that I can't believe I was sort of unaware that he was doing a reading until a couple weeks ago. With picking up my whole life and moving plus coordinating my birthday party, picking up Sedaris tickets just seemed like the hardest thing in the world and so I continued to procrastinate.

Now it's tomorrow, I'm not going, and I'm kicking myself.

Especially after I read this hysterical commentary in The New Yorker on those who are undecided in this upcoming election.

Chicken vs. Shit. Best analogy I've heard all year.

If you will be in attendance tomorrow night, I am in a perpetual state of viscious jealousy.

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