October 06, 2008

Home Sweet (NEW!) Home

So I spent this weekend moving all of my stuff into my new place and seriously folks, I am in IN LOVE with it! I am having so much fun decorating it and doing everything just exactly the way I want it. I have never lived alone and it is so liberating! I will post some updated shots of it very soon, but for now I thought I would post a few 'Before' pics so you can get an idea of the space.

The Specs:
It is a guest-cottage type studio behind the home of my good friends, so it feels very safe (which I love, living alone and all!) It is a second floor space with entry on the first floor, so there is an entry hall with stairs and then up to one wide open space that has space for kitchen, living area, bedroom, and office. It may seem small, but I have found it the perfect size for little ol' me so here are just a few sneak peaks:

Entry Hall Stairwell

Dining Area/Bathroom Door



So there's just a few shots! Can't wait to show you when it's all done. There has been lots of IKEA shopping, Target bargaining, and definitely some elbow grease over the last few days. It is really turning into a home!

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