November 03, 2006

Updates and Anticipations

I can't believe it's Friday already!

Last weekend was so much fun, then having a mid week goof off day with Halloween, it just doesn't seem right that I am already cruising through the gateway to the weekend.

So Sarah and Kenny continue to cook the best lasagna on the planet, as demonstrated by last weekend's Friday night festivities. They have such a cozy new house, and the fact that they moved in during the fall, and they have a beautiful tree getting ready to change colors right out front just rocks! Sitting on their back patio and watching that tree change is going to be one of my favorite things over the next couple of weeks, I can just feel it!

Saturday night was David Sedaris and he was so GREAT! I mean I was expecting him to be great, of course, but he was just so unassuming, frank, and FUNNY! He read a few selections to be published in upcoming issues of The New Yorker, and a few other really hysterical pieces. It felt like home there at the Crest - my people! I felt like a nerd among nerds :) It was great to share that with Garrett too, because I know it wasn't something he usually does, much more up my alley, and to see him be open to that as well as truly enjoy himself was really special!

Sunday was a catchup day, as they usually are. I'm hoping we get up to Apple Hill one of these Sundays soon-- before all the Holiday craziness begins (though looking at my calendar I am pretty sure it has already begun). Speaking of the Holidays, I picked up a lb. of Peet's Holiday Blend this year and it is as delicious as ever. Full bodied with a little fruity tang! I had my first home brewed cup this morning and it was I love seeing the little red bag on my counter top. It was so delicious it made me want to bust out my French Press since there is no better way to enjoy a quality cup of coffee. That is definitely what I miss about Peet's, the ease with which you could craft a perfect cup on a moment's notice. I don't miss the hectic nature of the holidays in there though. The volume of people, the fogged up windows, the constant restocking, steaming eggnog (ugh! that's the worst!). This year I will definitely relish my ability to go inside, enjoy a beverage (and I will never EVER order an eggnog latte EVER), pick up some beans and some Peppermint bark (mmmmm), and then GET THE HECK OUT!!!

Holiday parties are starting to line up as well, which just makes me giddy. Garrett's work party/dinner is at Moxie, which I am excited about. His company is small and his co-workers are genuinely kind, so it makes being the Significant Other not so stressful. Although the last work event of his that I attended, I ended up being told by his boss how cute his butt was, and how I was spiritually obligated to "consummate our relationship on the Sabbath"...and that was a little weird. I guess that's what happens when you work for a small company - more liberal sexual harassment policies and such :).

My work holiday party is at the Hyatt, and it is being billed as a "Night of Dinner and Dancing." Let's hope that doesn't mean bad music and raw Prime Rib (redundant, I know...ick!). I don't know how Allied parties, so we will have to see this year! The night after Allied's party is Jeremy & Hilary's annual extravaganza, which is always a great time. I'm thinking about White Elephant gifts already -- So fun! I think Garrett and I will have to head down the The Shabby Shack again this year as it was RIPE with gift-worthy items last year.

This weekend looks to be relatively relaxing. I'm hoping to get down to the downtown ice skating rink...I'm such a nerd for anything festive! Plus I have a damn cute collection of scarves and what better place to don one! Hopefully tonight if Garrett's travel day doesn't suck too much out of him. Tomorrow is the Junior League Bus Tour and we are heading to three notable places that I am totally interested in seeing. It includes trips to the Children's Receiving Home, Crisis Nursery, and St. John's Shelter. I'm really excited. I continue to feel good about my decision to join Junior League of Sacramento. It's been nothing like the horror stories I have heard about debutantes and unhappy housewives. I've met some really nice people, and I'm looking forward to all the opportunities I will have to impact my community. The experience is what you make it, and I'm glad I didn't think too much about joining alone, or have second thoughts because it scary getting involved in something where you don't know anyone. I think it was ultimately a decision that will enrich my life for a long time, and how can that NOT be exciting.

Anyway, I guess that's it! That's all the news that is news.

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