November 02, 2009


You know what is a challenge for me -- writing about something as I'm going through it. I mean, yeah I can sit down and pen a number of complaints or talk about my favorite things at a moments notice, but to actually gain some perspective, corral a feeling into an bigger purpose idea, identify it and make sense of it -- like with words -- can be a real struggle. And there is a lot going in my head right now, things related to work, health, geography, scary next steps (Hi, have I mentioned I'm writing a book. There I'm just throwing that out there because OH MY GOD, it's just scary to say)...and I just don't have the perspective to get them down right this second. But I'm working on it, I promise.

Today, though, you get only tidbits.

1. I need some new clothes. We've had this "Casual Dress" thing going on at work as a part of a United Way fundraiser where you could purchase dress down days. So basically for about 3 months now, I've been wearing jeans everyday to work and it was AWESOME! Today was the first day back to business casual and golly gosh darn it, I hate everything in my closet. Also, I need to purchase some warmer things. But not warmer things like this, even though, hi I want to drop like $100 on cute fleeces and pj bottoms right now. Why can't we wear those to work?

2. My allergies have been something fierce lately and I'm starting to think it might be food related. Or the seasons changing? I don't know what it is but can I just tell you....The NOT glamorous. And it happens everywhere: at home, grocery shopping, at work, running errands. My allergies know no boundaries and it has been embarrassing on more than one occasion as of late.

3. My Netflix queue is kind of empty...what have you watched lately that is worthy of a rental? We are currently making our way through The Wire, which is enjoyable. But I'm thinking more along the lines of crisp Fall/Winter evening movies. Ideas?

4. We had a little get together this weekend to watch some football and I had so much fun cooking for it. I made Mexican Chicken Soup, Shepherd's Pie, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Banana Chocolate Bundt Cake and a bunch of other simple appetizers. I think we had a metric ton of food, but it was such a fun time, and now we have LEFTOVERS! And tasty ones to boot.

5. I'm going to go to the gym 5 times this week, dammit. Oh, hey -- I guess that little tidbit was more for me than for you. Wish me luck?

Hope you all have fabulous weeks also!

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