September 08, 2009

Cabin Fever

I have the worst cabin fever right now! I'm itching to get out of this town and go somewhere cooler, wetter, greener...Even the Best Summer Ever has its limits. Bring on Autumn and it's cool weather!

I'm thinking Portland?



All of the above?

It could be that perhaps the tales of my Aunt and Uncle's trip up the coast this weekend has inspired me. Or it could be that cute little thing that I do when I get stressed where I shut down and go totally escapist!

Either way...I'm all over the internet searching for flight deals today. My wanderlust is hard to quell.


Mom said...

Wow Holly,Just read your blog. You want to leave town again. I know you will live perfectly fine without my advice so I'm not giving it. However, you are soliciting comments, so I think this is the perfect opportunity to comment about your continual chatter about moving away. I think you should try staying home more and enjoying the opportunities you have around you. You seem to be on a perpetual search for the ever elusive utopia. I say you don't have to search,because you already have it. Just as Dorothy was searching for away to get back to Kansas and not realizing it was always within her power to do so, get my drift... you too have the power to create your own utopia right here in good old Sactown! A good life is not about where you live, but rather about the people you live it with. Remember all communities have their shortfalls if you look hard enough to find them. Besides, I would be a bitter party of one if you moved for sure!!!!!

Holly said...

Mom, you are cute. Just because I visit there doesn't mean I'll move there. Well, right now at least. Baby steps. :) haha


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