June 22, 2009

Best Summer Ever!

So about 2 days into our most recent vacation, Garrett and I declared that this summer was going to be the Best Summer Ever! I’m sure that’s not a surprising declaration while you are on the front side of a 10 day island vacation; however, we have been working to keep that attitude alive even back here in Sacramento. (Though there were definitely a few days of vacation hangover when we got back from Maui-- we aren’t superhuman, yo.) It probably sounds kind of ridiculous that we have already decided this is the Best Summer Ever, since summer technically just started yesterday, but it’s more of an attitude that we have decided to adopt this year, rather than a specific event.

We got to talking one night about all of our summer memories as kids and how much fun that used to be. The last days of school, sunshine, playing all day, swimming, hot nights, barbecue’s with family – just those random things that as a kid make everything seem right in the world. Since it’s been a long time since we have felt that kind of unadulterated bliss, this summer we decided to make a conscious decision to try and savor everything summer related -- in short, trying to make every day fun. And trust me, this will be no small feat, seeing as my hatred of the heat is right up there with my hatred of Black Widows, Ed Hardy, and People who say “Expresso”.

But even though the heat here in Sacramento can get unbearable, there are lots of fantastic things about summer. For example, I absolutely love waking up in the morning when it’s already light and beautiful outside. It’s almost an invitation to wake up, and I find myself being even more of an early riser during these months. Also, we are lucky that where we work offers generous vacation time so we are taking advantage of being able to have a mid-week day off here and there to enjoy ourselves, or taking a long weekend to visit with friends and family.

Next weekend we are heading to Calaveras with all my cousins to The Treehouse and there is NEVER a dull moment there. I can't wait to sit on the balcony of the cabin and go into magazine trance with some Apricot Ale from Snowshoe. Then for Fourth of July we are off to Monterey for Moto GP, but the Best Summer Ever is not only about traveling. Mainly we are just want to participate in summer. I know that sounds silly, but instead of letting the time pass us by and bitching about the heat for 3 months, we are going to go out and create that blissful summer feeling as much as possible.

So with that being said, the following is The Official Best Summer Ever To-Do List

Go on a picnic
Have friends over to BBQ even though our yard isn’t in perfect shape. (Who cares? They aren’t coming over for the landscaping!)
Plan a few “No Cook” menus
Have ice cream for dinner at Gunther’s Yum!
See a mid week matinee to beat the heat
Finish planting my garden and watch it grow
Wear more skirts
Head out to a You-Pick Berry Farm and Make Jam
Wear all of my fun dresses to work
Spend as much time as possible in a bathing suit
Take some fun hikes (Maybe revisit Feather Falls)
Make Mint Juleps and watch The Great Gatsby
Just Sit and Read

Speaking of reading, one of the most relaxing parts of Maui was just how much reading I was able to do and, honestly, I’m so much happier when I am reading. I just love pouring through a new book, getting to know a new story, meeting new characters. But the funny part is that Garrett loves when I'm tearing through books just about as much as I do. Since he is a much more auditory person, he doesn’t read as much as I do, but is constantly asking me to tell him what’s going on in my books. I mean, down to the detail. You could ask him a fairly detailed question about the plot line of New Moon and he’d probably give you a pretty accurate answer without ever having flipped a page, which I think is pretty hysterical. He certainly has his preferences – he’s not quite as interested in some of the fluffier books I read - but beyond that he’s always game to hear a story. Actually the other night I was laughing out loud while reading one of the essays in David Sedaris’ newest paperback When You Are Engulfed in Flames, and I ended up spending the next hour reading outloud to him while we were both rolling around in fits of giggles. It was a beautiful night and it was relaxing and fun to just sit there and read together. Even though it was probably the most sickeningly yuppie thing we have done in a long time – it was also such a blast.

I’m looking forward to many more of those nights to come!

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