September 14, 2009

It's Not You, It's Me

Summer, I am OVER YOU! This weekend was so breezy, drizzly-for-a-nano-second, dare I say even cold at times, and you know what -- I LOVED every minute of it. Autumn is such a relief, you all! I did my best this summer not complain about the heat and to just think positive, and enjoy myself despite unsightly sweat marks on my clothes, to plan picnics and to enjoy activities by the water but honestly, it's just not my season.

Summer, I am just not that into you.

Autumn, on the other hand, is a really inspiring time of year where everything in nature is winding down -- leaves are dropping and turning into earth, days are growing shorter, and preparations are being made for a winter of hibernation (oh! How I love hibernation!) -- it's like the beginning of a brand new lifecycle.

Ok, and let's be real, it's the beginning of New TV Cycle (can I get a HELL YEAH?????) and that has long been one of my favorite times of the year!

I can't wait for Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice to come back. I don't care if those shows are awful, I love them! Speaking of awful, I will shamelessly watch The Hills and The City even though Kristin Cavallari drives me crazy, and I don't care what you think (but you don't really think she will hook up with Justin Bobby, do you? Ew.)

I am already loving Glee and think the comparisons that are being made to Election and Bring it On, two of my favorite guilty pleasures, are right on point. Also, while we're confessing, I also have a deep love for Center Stage, so if the Glee producers could find a way to get some snarky ballet or perhaps even just some Jamiriquoi in that show, it might end up my favorite. Mad Men rocks my world and I'm already digging the stylized depiction of the burgeoning feminism of the early 60s. That show is so fantastic for so many reasons!

I'm also thinking I may check out Flash Forward -- did you know it was a book? I sure didn't, but the Amazon description makes it sound like a pretty interesting premise for a show. I'll probably also watch Trauma because hell if I can turn down a medical show. I can resist lots of things, people, but unfortunately the lure of fake bone cracking and faux surgery is just too much for my will-power to bear!

I promise I won't spend the entire season listening to my ass get by fatter sitting on the couch (I watch TV at the gym, too you know!) but I do think this year I am going to break my rule about watching new shows. I usually don't like to watch a new show until it's been renewed for a second season because I hate getting all into something and then having it get cancelled. I'd much rather hear how fabulous something is and then watch ALL 24 EPISODES IN ONE WEEKEND, because I like instant gratification like that. But this year it looks like there are a couple of keepers, or at least some shows I could get mindlessly wrapped up in and not be too devastated if they don't come back, so I am throwing caution to the wind, TV Networks!

Fret not, however, my normal Reality TV shows will still be keeping me warm on a crispy Autumn night and of course, if Bravo comes out with another random offering, I will surely drink the kool-aid, set my dvr and watch the hot messes unfold. I secretly think that the Network Execs at Bravo just want to see how low we will all go with this "Reality" TV craze, and to that I say -- bring out the limbo stick, baby!

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