September 09, 2008

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Not sure if I mentioned, but over Labor Day Weekend Garrett and I went kayaking with my family over at the Sac State Aquatic Center and seriously folks, I might have found a new hobby. Now for anyone who has ever been witness to how awful I am at watersports (Hi Angela! Hi Kendall Family!) you may wonder why I decided to partake, and I will tell you honestly that I was a bit apprehensive. I'm a good swimmer, but just pretty awful at things related to boats and such, but it was such a hot day and everyone made it look so easy that I decided to take the plunge, and BOY am I glad I did!

For the record, I can't believe I just posted a picture of myself in a bathing suit on this blog, so let's just move right along...mmmmkay?

Anyway, it was $9 an hour to rent the kayaks and once we got in and on the move and I got the hang of rowing it was SUPER REFRESHING!

We stopped for a bit to swim a little (and seriously, swimming with a life jacket is where it's at! I dig the lazy man's water-treading! haha) Even Garrett enjoyed the water workout.

Although I think secretly it was because he was in the company of three lovely ladies...

All in all though -- it was such a great time. I would go again in a heartbeat.

And the next day I had muscles in my upper body that I didn't even know existed. Also, a major sunburn, but my own stupidity notwithstanding it was an amazing workout and one Garrett and I plan to do in the near future. Also we found out that Sac State Alums get a discount. So these smiling ex-Hornets will definitely be kayaking again soon!

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Garrison said...

You are my hero. Kayaks are one of my biggest water fears! You my friend have embraced the water. I love it!


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