September 19, 2008

Confessions of Teenage Drama Show Lover

Ok, ok I admit -- I kind of have a hot crush on Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl.

So sue me.

The first I ever heard of him was when my mother called me frantically to say "Oh my god, Holly, turn on Gossip Girl because one of the characters looks like Garrett!" To which I promptly rolled my eyes, said "Yeah, sure he does mom, whatever" and I went on happily ignoring the show the entire season.

And then this Summer, clearly during a time of weakness, I happened to catch an episode and I thought to myself--- Fine, I can check out this horribly scandalous teenage drama show out just to do my own scientific research. Which left me only two real options -- See if this horribly vapid actor would indeed look like Garrett? (Which then begged the question, would I find him attractive?) Or be an adult and turn off this glossy, innuendo-laden trash television off and flip it back to CNN.

If you had to wonder about my decision, then you truly do not know me at all! I've always had a passion for research!

So ahem, the scientific evidence:

Exhibit A: Garrett

(I hope you all know, by the way, that he is totally going to kill me for this. But I have rationalized it by telling myself it is noble to die for science, so I've got that going for me.)

Exhibit B: Penn Badgley seriously I think it is no surprise that I have a little crush on this hot young stud actor, no?

(Side note: OMFG, he is like 22. ROWR! Jesus, I'm doomed to turn into a leathery old Cougar.)

But this is beside the point! The point is, and I do have one...THE POINT IS, I am no longer crushing on Penn Badgley (I hope that name is fake, by the way) solely because there is an uncanny resemblance between him and my own sweetheart.
No siree! I have recently discovered that Penn Badgley is also an accomplished orator. An orator who spoke these wise words to The Huffington Post today, thus cementing my love for him for all eternity.

Gossip Girl

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