July 01, 2008

The Fleet Foxes Will Knock Your Soxes Off!

Ok, so my title needs work -- I'll give you that -- but what I'm trying to tell you is that the Fleet Foxes show totally rocked!

Garrett and I have pretty much mastered the art of being homebodies (FYI -- the recipe includes delicious homemade dinner, CSI: Miami reruns in the background, Couching, Bad Reality TV on the DVR, and reading in bed by 11 -- you know, in case you were wondering) so when the opportunity presented itself to go see a show in San Francisco on a Thursday night, we weren't exactly grabbing our keys and heading out the door. However, when we discovered that tickets were only $10, my inner-bargain hunter said this was something we could not pass up.

So into The City we headed after work Thursday evening and honestly, despite the fact the most of California is covered in smoke right now, it was a fantastic drive. And when we got there, lo and behold the parking was ample! and free! Can you believe our luck??? Neither could we! When we finally got inside we saddled up to bar, ordered a drink ($4 for a beer? Are you serious? That's all? But we're in San Francisco?), and thoroughly enjoyed the fact that not only was it Summertime -- but indeed the livin' was easy...

When the band finally came out, they performed an amazing set and I was totally blown away by how great they sounded live. The above pic was my awful attempt to capture how magical they were, but either my camera sucks, my photography skills suck, or a little bit of both. Aside from the fact that some drunk smelly guy was dancing the whole time in front of me, even though we were packed like sardines in the club, (which in my concert etiquette handbook has always meant NO DRUNKEN DANCING YOU SMELLY DOUCHEBAG!!!) we enjoyed every minute of the show and were so happy that we took the plunge and headed down even though it was mid-week.

*For your viewing pleasure I found a clip on You Tube that has halfway decent audio...I call this one Not Tonight, Horatio Caine.

How freaking great are they? Ok, I'm done dorking out now. :)

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