July 07, 2008

Truly, Truly, Truly Outrageous!

Is their really anything better than family?

Garrett and I spent the long weekend down in Monterey visiting my cousin Sara and her boyfriend Paul; however, we were also joined by my cousin Jim, his girlfriend Gina, my cousin Jeff and one of his friends. I want to tell you about all the crazy things we did (including dancing to Hulk Hogan Anthems, watching Jem videos on You Tube, re-enacting Hall & Oats performances) but seriously, I spent 99.9% of the time trying NOT to spit my beverage out of my mouth or pee my pants from laughing so hard!

Is it any wonder I'm exhausted?

Jim and Paul during quieter and calmer times

We headed down Thursday after work and I swear when I got to Castroville I could just SMELL the ocean! The climate was so insanely different than the ridiculous heat up here in Sacramento and I was totally jazzed. Friday morning Jim and Gina joined us:

Jim and Gina getting in some quality lounge time

And Jeff followed shortly thereafter. We BBQ'd some hotlinks, enjoyed some adult beverages, lounged, watched the Giants game, and generally enjoyed each other's company. I discovered that Bud Light Lime isn't even as disgusting as I had previously thought, and that shots of Bourbon are eerily similar to drinking A BLOW TORCH! I would not recommend this to others. Then it was time to head out for fireworks in downtown Monterey and do you know what the best part about the fireworks were? That I got to wear this:

That's right! I had to wear a scarf, folks! So that I wouldn't freeze my ass off and I LOVED IT! Ok technically it was a pashmina that Sara has been using as decoration in her guest bedroom, but Tim Gunn would be proud 'cuz I think I Made it Work!

But even better than my newfound love of Bud Light Lime, or that my Winterwear was not at all out of place, I think hands down the best part of the fireworks was this:

I mean seriously? How can that not make you feel like you live in the best country ever!?!

Afterwards we headed to a couple of bars in downtown Monterey. A friend of Jim's was having a cd release party for their band Yell or Trolley so we caught their show.

All in all -- a FABULOUS Fourth of July! I Hope yours was equally exciting!

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