January 12, 2008

The Movie List: 2008

It was so depressing that I couldn't remember any of the movies I saw in 2007. I'm resolving to keep better track this year. This will be a working document and I have put a link in my sidebar.

1. Atonement - (January) Beautiful adaptation of Ian McEwan's novel with phenomenal costumes, music, and heartache. I wasn't thrilled with the ending, it felt a little to "neat" for me, but I did find the story compelling.

2. Music and Lyrics - (January) This movie is why I don't have HBO. I caught it one of the like 500 times it was on while I was out at my mom's recently and even though it was pure garbage I found myself really enjoying it. Plus Hugh Grant's bumbling Brit is a character that I (sadly) never get sick of.

3. The Kite Runner - (January) While nowhere near as good as the book, I enjoyed this movie. It was our bookclub outing after finishing the book and I found myself annoyingly listing all the things they were leaving out in my head as the film played. Hmmm...this may have been why I didn't enjoy it as much.

4. Because I Said So - (January) Ugh! This movie is why I don't want HBO...it was terrible. I was so exhausted by Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton's constant yappying and totally unrealistic relationship that I fell asleep like 30 minutes before the ending. Cute outfits can't make up for the fact that getting sucked into this movie cost me two hours of my life I will never get back.

5. The Last Kiss - (January) There are many reasons I loved this movie even though I didn't think it was great. Honestly, first go watch the trailer here, I can wait. See, wasn't it good? Ok, so if you are like me and you may have a teensy little crush on Zach Braff, or if perhaps the soundtrack houses a majority of artists in your record collection too, please go rent it. Also as an added bonus when you see this scene you will have an immediate understanding the dynamic of my own relationship. Jacinda Barrett and Zack Braff are seriously a richer, glossier, better looking version of me and Garrett. They have us down to a tee -- well until he starts hanging out with stupid Rachel Bilson...but OMG she is so freakin pretty in this movie. Hate her.

6. We Are Marshall - (January) I'm just telling you, don't watch this movie if you are PMSing. Unless of course a pink puffy face for days is a good look on you.

7. Breach - (January) Spies, Government, FBI, Ryan Phillipe -- I mean there are worse things you can spend your time watching. I thought this was entertaining.

8. Live Free or Die Hard - (January) This is what happens when you send the boyfriend to the video store. Hmm...should we even call it the video store anymore, does anyone actually get videos there? DVD store just doesn't have that same ring to it. ANYWAY, long story short it was entertaining -- way better than I thought.

9. The Bourne Ultimatum - (January) See above. Also better than I thought, but by the end of this movie I had had just about enough of things blowing up, people being chased, gun shots, etc. One can only suspend disbelief for so long, right?

10. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - (February) I want you to know that I will never again spell the word Caribbean incorrectly after losing a game of Cranium over it. Anyway, that story (boring as it was) is probably more entertaining than this movie. My general reaction -- meh. It didn't really keep my interest. I loved the other two, but this one not-so-much. In its defense, I was very tired both times I tried to watch it and fell asleep. Sleeping through integral parts kinda does that to a movie.

11. Kissing Jessica Stein - (February) I love the quirkiness of this movie. I've seen it a couple of times and every time I like it a little bit more. Watching parts of it with the boyfriend really made me aware of how hyper-neurotic the main character is, but nonetheless its an interesting concept...and the Rilke quote is a good one. English nerd alert!

12. Made of Honor - (May) Yep, that's right I haven't seen a FREAKING movie since February! Isn't that depressing? I either can't stay awake, and I never get to the theater...so it was quite a treat to catch this, popcorn in hand, by myself at the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego this week. McDreamy TOTALLY came through in the clutch!

13. Juno - (May) Yay for $1.99 Blockbuster coupons! Was excited to see this since it got so much hype, and for the most part it delivered. Parts of the dialogue bugged me and were a little reminiscent of that Dawson's Creek style teenage verbosity, but overall it was fun, quirky, and entertaining. Is it weird that it made me kinda hot for men in sweatbands?

14. No Country For Old Men - (May) Listen, in case you weren't aware, Javier Bardem is one scary dude. I covered my eyes in numerous parts because, frankly, I'm kind of a pussy -- but overall a very engaging flick! The end was a little abrupt, but the acting was stellar throughout. Is it just me or was there no music anywhere in that movie? Weird, now that I'm thinking about it.

15. Untraceable - (June) Listen, if you had just played hostess to 2 guests and a dog for a whole weekend, attended a rehearsal dinner and then went to a wedding with 300 guests knowing only know the bride and the groom and your boyfriend (who is in the wedding party) -- then curling up with this movie on a Sunday night might be so pleasurable you'd die of happiness. However, if you are just looking for a GREAT! MOVIE! to watch, you will probably find better. It was entertaining, but had I been less tired I probably would have thought it was 2 hours of imitating the movie Seven with Diane Lane wearing bad pants.

16. Sex and the City - (June) I really wasn't sure I was going to like this movie because I LOVED the series that much -- and ya know, it may not translate. It was so good, however, that when I left the theater I had that feeling you have after a long catchup conversation with a good friend you haven't seen in a while -- nostalgic, fulfilled, and looking forward to the next visit. I would totally see it again!

17. Michael Clayton - (June) Pretty good -- Actually it was probably really good, except that I was tired when I watched it and slept through like a half an hour right in the middle. The nap was just what I needed, but I was too lazy to rewind. Consequently, all the pieces didn't make total sense to me at the end, but I could see how, with a few more details, it probably would have. Definitely worthy of a rental.

18. Gone Baby Gone - (June)Wow -- this movie was super engrossing and even a little disturbing. You get through what you think is the entire movie, and then all of a sudden the twists and turns abound! I love a good movie where the ending kind of takes you by surprise. Good, but only if you are in the mood for something serious and kinda heavy.

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