January 22, 2008

Monday Morning Blues on a Tuesday

So yeah, where did the time go?

I'm back at work after a 3 day weekend, and despite ridiculous amounts of sleep, I don't feel all that refreshed, and I certainly don't feel like I accomplished much. Want the super boring recap of my weekend where I tell you all sorts of fabulous things like don't paint your nails with quick dry nail polish and think you can do the dishes? Well here ya go...

Friday I took a half day and headed out for a Ladies Night with my mom and grandma in Lincoln. I left early to miss the ever present Weekend Tahoe Traffic which just becomes a fixture on 80 every Friday afternoon and Sunday evening throughout the Winter -- and I try to avoid like the plague. Partly because it sucks, and partly because it reminds me that I am not going to Tahoe, and that just bums me out. She cooked my favorite chicken enchiladas and my aunt came over and we all played cards for a while but then I crapped out early on the couch while the Ladies continued to play cards. I'm a real party starter, eh?

Saturday we got up early and I knit for a bit and we watched some movies. I'm trying to help you out by telling you not to watch We Are Marshall if you are PMSing. Oh my god it was just an emotional sobfest and I think my face was pink and puffy until Sunday. I headed to Garrett's in the afternoon because both of his Uncles came up for the day from the Bay Area to say goodbye to his parents. I'm not sure if I have mentioned that they have been staying with Garrett since Christmas and were heading back to New Mexico on Sunday morning. Yup, that's right, my boyfriend's parents have been living with him for the last 3 weeks -- it has done wonders for my social life. All joking aside though, it was nice to see them and catch up-- his family is really such a good time. They are all hysterical and when everyone was in the same room, I don't think I stopped laughing for like an hour. Garrett's mom made a feast of Cornish Game Hens, which were fabulous, and then we headed over to our friend Jeremy's for his 30th birthday 70's celebration Saturday night.

This is where the weekend went awry...I started feeling totally sick at Jeremy's and we ended up having to leave the party early. I ended up in a food poisoning induced fetal position for the rest of the night, which I would NOT recommend to others! It was a blessing that Garrett went home to his own house since it was his parents' last night in town because I was NO FUN all night. When I wasn't feeling physically horrible, I was feeling bummed and guilty that Garrett's mom made such a nice meal and I had to go and get sick from it! Luckily it was short lived and by Sunday morning I was feeling a bit better.

Sunday was the Lord's day, let me tell you. Sunday was the first time Garrett and I have been able to hang out at his house without parental supervision since Christmas...can I tell you how overdue that was? Like I said earlier, I love his parents and all, but we are creatures of habit, and our relationship has been out of our routine since December, so it was nice to just chill out and relax and not feel guilty that his parents were sitting at home and not being entertained, or worrying that he should be "getting home". Aside from some random trips to Target and Costco, we didn't do anything we didn't feel like doing for the next two days straight. I even took 2 naps on Sunday -- TWO NAPS -- and I think during that time Garrett might have locked himself in the back room with his Xbox, but I can't be sure. I mean seriously, the relaxation was in full force.

But as it usually does, the work day came early today and it was time to go back to real life. I feel like I didn't do enough or finish enough and I feel like I'm looking down at the long week ahead of me, and really I just want to go back. Boring as it was, my dear weekend, I miss you already!

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