January 03, 2008

I resolve to be resolute: 2008 edition

My habit has always been to commit goals to writing. I like to cross things off lists and I'm ashamed to admit I can totally have the "Called it!" mentality at times. Though I'm not particularly ceremonial about New Year's Resolutions -- as evidenced by last year's random post -- I always at least think about them and at least make a few.

This year I'm taking a new approach. I decided that if I combined my year round goal setting with my New Year's "Resolution-ing" (even though they are kind of the same thing) I would thereby assure myself a better than average chance of completing all resolutions. See how this works? More resolutions made, more to pat myself on the back for completing. It's all convoluted mind trickery up here in my brain. I can rationalize with the best of them, I swear. You should see me at the mall, or reading the dessert menu.

Anyway, with that being said (and fully acknowledging that I owe all of you the Part 2 to my Construction Delays story), I thought I would post my New Year's resolutions for 2008. I've put them in categories because I'm a hyper-organized list maker but also because I am the type of person who can get focused on one specific aspect of my life at times, so I figured at least if I had a categorized list I could still be somewhat productive even when I'm completely other ignoring things. Hmm...maybe for 2009 I will try some type of life-integration strategy so I can spin all my plates at once, but at this point that is neither here nor there. So without further ado, here are my goals for 2008 -- what are you all doing?

Daily Life
Consistently dress professionally at work (including hair, makeup, and all those details -- and even on casual Friday)
See more movies by myself
Floss nightly
Pack lighter on trips
Swear less
Stretch Daily
Be more diligent and timely about Thank You Notes
Get back to my old more "creative" habits (I hate the word crafty, but basically get my craft on!)

Organize a crafting space
Print out more of my photos
Throw out old clothes
FINALLY find a closet organization system that works
Grow an herb garden
Get a dog

Health and Wellness
Exercise for at least 30 minutes, 3x per week (outside as much as possible!)
Do yoga once per week
Get back to my free weight loving self
Use sunscreen more vigilantly (especially on face -- SPF make up is not enough! Do you want to look like a leather face?)
Do the Couch to 5k program
Run 5k
Go hiking (preferably with Garrett) at least once a month
Get teeth cleaned twice

Family and Friends
Acknowledge all birthdays at least with a phone call
Give presents and send cards on time
Host at least one party/bbq/soiree
Make and send more mix CDs
Send a care package for no reason
Be a better emailer
Keep address book updated
Send Christmas cards with non-obnoxious update letter

Cooking and Baking
Go to Farmers Market at least once per month
Make Jam
Use crock pot more
Try Pickling peppers and veggies
Make an infused Olive Oil
Make at least one meal from one of my MANY cookbooks per week
Make chicken stock from scratch
Plan meals
Purchase and wear apron
Take a cooking class
Go wine tasting twice this year (even if that just means to pick up your wine club shippment and have a glass you have never tasted)
Try at least one new restaurant per month (hello, entertainment book!)
Go out for dinner with friends at least once per month
Bake something every other week (but take to work so it doesn't sit around the house forcing me against my will to eat the whole thing)

Read at least 30 books
Start learning a new language
Blog about books that I read
Learn to knit again (see: get craft on)
Blog 2-3 times per week
Make the move to typepad
Take a photography class
Purse freelance writing opportunities more diligently

Get student loans under control
Continue with debt reduction plan
Start saving 10%
Purchase a bookkeeping program for computer

Make something for Garrett
Listen more, talk less
Plan at least 2 weekends out of town just for the two of us (not for weddings, not for holidays, not for parties)
Think before I speak when I'm angry
Commit his small daily gestures to memory and keep in mind during the "thinking before speaking when angry"
Go on more McKinley picnics

Fret not, I do have a multitude of career goals, though I won't be posting them here. I did, however, get into an awesome program this year at my job called Emerging Leaders which is definitely going to help me fine tune some of my long term career goals which I am really excited about. I may post a bit about that, but I'm pretty much sticking to my No Talking About Work rule.

Buy a car
Buy a new computer
Buy a brown coat
Buy an SLR
Buy photoshop

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