October 08, 2007

What's Not to Love?

One thing that I truly love doing is planning dinner. You will never hear me sitting at work complaining that I have to go home and cook. It's my release! I absolutely love reading cookbooks, writing shopping lists, and there's nothing I love more than leisurely making my way up and down every aisle at the grocery store with marked anticipation for the meal to come. Afterwards I always go home, reorganize the refrigerator, make a giant mess in the kitchen, and then I wait. I simmer, I steep, and all the while my house is fragrant and warm and I'm relaxed. I think that is part of the reason that I love Fall so much -- its very conducive to curling up on the couch with a good book while a big pot of soup simmers on the stove. Or taking a mid day nap while a roast cooks in the oven smothered in garlic and peppercorns while red potatoes and root vegetables get golden brown. Hot sun and sand are nice, but they've got nothing on Autumn. Who can resist:

- I have a drawer full in whimsical patterns from cashmere to wool. The perfect remedy to brighten any outfit.

Down Comforters
- I love to fall asleep in a chilly bedroom knowing that underneath my duvet is a cozy paradise

- makes everything feel cleaner

Apple Hill
- wineries and pumpkins and caramel apple pie!

Spiced Pumpkin Soup with Chives - just trust me, YOU SHOULD MAKE IT.

Red Leaves
- Garrett's house has been undergoing an extreme home make, including the gutting of the front and back yard. The only thing staying is a giant tree in the backyard that has the most beautiful leaves. It's gorgeous to wake up to.

The smell of Fireplace
- the only perk of my tiny downtown apartment (ok besides being walking distance from some pretty fun bars) is the fireplace! There's something comforting about the smell of duraflames.

Hot Cocoa on the couch
- No whipped cream, no marshmallows, just extra chocolate!

Reading in bed
- Ok really, I can do this in any season -- but when it is freezing cold and overcast outside, it just feels SO RIGHT.

Waking up in the middle of the night and hearing rain
- It's almost as good as a lullaby

Wooly Coats with lots of buttons
- In black! In Red! In Cream! I think this year I even need a a brown or green.

Striped Socks - Because even if you are the only one who knows you are wearing them, they are worth smiling about.

Mulled Cider steeping in the crock pot
- a house filled with scent of comfort

Fall TV
- New shows to get addicted to, Old shows that are brought back, Water cooler conversation.


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