October 10, 2007

Top 10 Confessions of a Trashaholic

So I totally just stole this post idea about confessing your trashy habits from MegFowler.com because it is BRILLIANT! But now that I think about it, that actually might be kind of trashy in itself. (The complicated rules and regulations of the vast blogosphere are still new to me - maybe if you stop by her site and say hi, I will somehow appear less trashy. Help me out here.) Actually, how I even found that blog is a still kind of hazy, but it is hysterical, and she might like Wham! as much as I do, so check her out. So, clearly I could probably go on for days about my own trashy tendencies, but (for now) I will keep it to ten.

1. My favorite hangover breakfast is a McDonald's McGriddle with Sausage, a hashbrown, and a Large Diet Coke.
2. I own at least one cd by all the following artists: Michael Bolton, Kenny G, Yanni, and Wilson Phillips.
3. Sometimes when I clean my house, I do run throughs of my old dance routines from when I was like 9 (yes! I can still remember some. Especially the one to "Chantilly Lace.") Wow...that sentence was kind of a punctuation mindf*ck, that I am too lazy to correct.
4. In the bathroom at work yesterday I noticed a hole in the forearm of my sweater (boo!). So I promptly went back to my desk and STAPLED it closed.
5. I have, on more than one occasion, eaten canned frosting for dinner
6. I know the words to more than 5 Too $hort songs
7. I'm secretly planning a new iPod playlist that is comprised completely of songs by ex-boy-band stars pursuing a solo career. I'm doing this solely so I can download Jordan Knight's "Give it to You."
8. I worked at Peet's Coffee for more than 6 years preaching quality and snobbery, yet I drank a Starbucks latte yesterday. And the day before that. And the day before that.
9. This morning I sang along while the radio blared Billy Joel's "Piano Man". Right as I was rolling in to the parking garage, they played "You Give Love a Bad Name" and for a moment, I felt like all the planets were aligned
10. I want the new Britney Spears album


Garrison said...

My God I love you!!!

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