October 30, 2007

Til Death (or December) Do Us Part

Enough with the wedding posts, right?

Actually this has nothing to do with the impending nuptials of anyone I know; however, it does have to do with a big commitment I'm making. That's right, for all of you blog nerds out there (hi! how's it goin?) November is NaBloPoMo! and I'm going to do it. I missed out on it last year because - well, I was lazy. This year I'm still lazy, but I also figure that I started this blog to write, right? (ha ha -- write, right?-- see what I did there? I'm just oozing with this kind of repressed wit that only a silly Blog-Posting challenge can relieve!)

So this is me committing right here, right now that I will post everyday for the month of November. Every Day. Yup, one post a day. That's right. Hang on a sec. What? Shit! Every SINGLE day? Really? What if I forget? What if my day is boring? I can't seem to catch my breath -- hang on while I grab. a. paper. bag....

Oh My God.

So yeah, I'm a little freaked out, and sort of feel like I'm making a lifetime commitment right now. Since I'm used to posting a few times a month MAX, posting every day is going to be quite a change, but we'll see how it goes. I figure I'll just start oversharing until y'all tell me to stop. (Y'ALL????? no idea where that came from.) It'll be great -- I'll tell you about my favorite deoderant, why I think the caged bird sings, and all the riveting things I do when I'm not working like purchasing nacho cheese and counting the hairs on my arms. Stuff like that. It'll rock!

You excited?

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