June 05, 2011

What's For Dinner?

Well I couldn't very well tell you last week that I want to be more accountable at meal planning and then not actually make a meal plan.  So here's what we are eating next week.  What recipes around the internet are you excited about?  Leave me some links in the comments.  I need some new recipe inspiration.  Don't worry if they aren't Paleo, I'm a very good recipe adapter. 

Lunch:  My Favorite Chili leftovers
Dinner:  Green Chili Turkey Burgers over spinach + Green Salad + Sweet Potato Fries

Lunch: Chicken Rogan Josh with Broccoli Slaw
Dinner:  Taco Salads
*I make my own taco seasoning, add it to ground beef, and throw in a mess of vegetables

Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Thighs + Sauteed Squash with Onions
Dinner:  Dad's Pork Chops + Roasted Onions and Broccoli

Lunch:  My Favorite Chili leftovers
Dinner:  Green Curry Pot Roast + Garlic Cauliflower Mash + Roasted Parsnips
*This pot roast is to die for.  I mean, dead.  So good. So easy. 

Lunch:  Sausage + Peppers
Dinner:  Skillet Herbed Chicken Tenderloins + Sauteed Garlicky Zucchini

Lunch:  Out
Dinner:  Stovetop Pork Carnitas + Salad + Clean out the crisper drawer veggies
*This is the best make at home carnitas recipe I've ever made
Grocery Shop

*Breakfast this week includes Green Smoothies, Mini Frittatas, or scrambled eggs + sausage. 

What's on your menu?


kakaty said...

I just made an epic meal plan this weekend, which included not only the meals but the prep I need to do each night as well (since the kids are starving when we get home we need to eat FAST...so I prep as much as I can the night before and can usually have dinner ready within 20 minutes of walking in the door). I wish I was this organized every week!

Saturday we had steak and salad with the lettuce and veggies from our 1st CSA week.

Sunday I made buttermilk pancakes, eggs and bacon (and yes, I had a pancake because they are damn good and I rock at making pancakes). I used some of the bacon to make CheeseSlave’s Bacon, Egg & Cheese Muffins with Coconut Flour… Yum! I had one for a late lunch/snack and bagged the rest for fast breakfasts this week. For dinner we had chicken/pepper/pineapple kebobs.

Today’s lunch is leftover kebobs and salad with strawberries and feta. Dinner is Italian meatballs (made last night) with sautéed peppers/onions and tomato sauce (the husband and 4 year old will most likely eat theirs on a hoagie roll)

Tomorrow’s lunch – chicken salad with homemade mayo using up the last of our CSA pastured chicken. Dinner is Thai Lettuce Wraps with ground chicken.

Wednesday I’m sure I’ll have leftover lettuce wraps and another salad with strawberries and feta for lunch. Dinner is AndreAnna’s fish sticks – I LOVE crunchy fish sticks so I can’t wait to try them and I know the kids will like them.

Thursday’s lunch will probably be a big-ass salad using up the rest of the veggies and getting ready for the next CSA pick-up. Plus I’ll need to use up and leftover hardboiled eggs (I boiled and peeled 18 eggs yesterday for the week). Dinner will be a frittata of some sort – probably with ground beef, peppers and green onions along with some other stuff.

Friday’s lunch – leftover frittata and salad. Dinner will be out.

Breakfasts will be the muffins, hard boiled eggs or smoothies.

Maureen said...

May I ask what kind of sausage you eat? My husband and I are doing a 30 day Paleo challenge, and we are new at this. I would love to find more of a variety of food for breakfast. Thanks!

Holly said...

Hi Maureen,

Applegate farms has a good chicken apple sausage that I like, but honestly sometimes I just grab the sausage in my office's cafeteria. It is surely full of garbage stuff I'm sure, but I pick my battles. Sometimes the nitrate filled sausage wins. ;)

Maureen said...

Thanks Holly! It is good to know that you can be so successful and give yourself a bit of leeway too. We are finding the Paleo diet very easy to follow, it is amazing how quickly sugar cravings go away. Anyway, thanks for being such an inspiration!


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