June 30, 2011

Because Boys Don't Have To Worry About Visible Panty Lines

So I have this dream that one day I will be whisked away on a fabulous romantic vacation.  Perhaps to a snowy and remote cabin in the mountains.  Maybe we will jet off for a sultry weekend in Rome where we will tour old ruins and I will rock the hell out of some stretchy fabric dress and gold gladiator sandals yet I will manage to arrive home with blister free feet.  One night we could board a helicopter and tour Paris for incomparable sights and an even more incomparable (read: expensive and butter-filled) dinner.  You know this dream, don’t you? It is the one where your life is very much like an episode of the Bachelorette but with the absence of that pervasive Eau de Desperation.  That smell is worse than the free perfume samples in Cosmo!  And to those, I say  -- nothing is ever really free is it?  IMHO, a migraine is far too high of a price to pay to satisfy one's curiousity about what combinations of flowers and citrusy top notes really encapsulate the essense of Justin Bieber's Dream Girl, AMIRITE???

(What in the hell does Justin Bieber even know about fragrances?)

(Or any celebrity for that matter.  I'm looking at you, Kardashian Family.)


The problem with this dream, however, is that it will never happen in my lifetime.  Not because these lavish trips are way outside of our budget, or unreasonable or even somewhat unnecessary, No!  The reason I will never be whisked away on a surprise vacation is because I would never EVER relinquish the packing of my suitcase (for even a weekend!) to another person.  Especially a person of the male variety who considers 4 button up shirts, one pair of clean jeans, plus an unlimited amount of Calvin Klein white undershirts a “reasonable wardrobe.”  I mean, if we were packing for America’s Next Top Minimalist, maybe I would let him have a crack at my overnight bag, but obviously the anxiety that would go along with opening any potential suitcase that Garrett packed with “Holly’s Dream Vacation Appropriate Attire” would supremely outweigh the pleasure of any such surprise, so I have (for the most part) happily resigned myself to never actually experiencing this type of Reality TV Lifestyle.

But lately my desire for a surprise romantic getaway has come a knocking.  And I have had the realization that I actually could have a Reality Show Surprise Vacation Experience if I turned the tables on Garrett and planned one for him.  And you know what?  The amount of planning and scheming that would need to go on in order for me to surprise Garrett almost tickles my Inner Control Freak more than the thought of a helicopter ride around the Eiffel Tower.  So I’m kind of thinking about doing it!  Should I do it, internet? I kind of think I should do it!   

(Quick sidebar for those of you who worry that Garrett will read this, fret not because I basically have to beat him into submission to read this blog and the second he sees his own name he turns a shade of fuchsia not normally seen in nature and runs screaming in the other direction.  So I think we are pretty safe.) 

Things going in my favor:
  1. I know how to pack a bag and exactly what he needs to be comfortable for a weekend.  I mean let’s be real, I could probably pack his whole wardrobe in my smallest suitcase. We’re good on this front.
  2. I know his boss and could totally slyly ensure he gets the days off that he needs with no problem or red flags.
  3. He would be TOTALLY shocked and never suspect it and OHMYGOD, I feel so motivated by that for some reason. 
Trip Ideas:

While we don’t have a Reality TV budget, the following would be totally fun and financially manageable destinations.

*San Diego – the flights are reasonable (and I love the thought of a trip involving an airport rather than driving) my cousin lives there who we could probably stay with (plus we have been talking about visiting her FOREVER – Hi Jen!  I just invited us to your house. Love you!)  And it’s San Diego, I mean hello?!?
*New Mexico to see his parents – while I realize this does not sound like the most romance worthy trip, Garrett has been TOTALLY missing his parents lately and would be so stoked to go see them.  How fun of a surprise would that be?
*A weekend up in Tahoe – a short drive and gorgeous weather.  The only downside is there’d be no airport and we’d have to pay for a hotel among other things.  But Living Social Escapes has a fabulous little deal going right now for a 2 night stay…

HMMMMM….the wheels in my head are spinning. 

So, what say you, internet.  Should I do this???  Have you ever executed a trip/surprise like this?  Has anyone planned one for you?  I’d love to hear your advice or any fun memorable schemes in the comments.



Erica said...

Do it! Sounds fun. I think all 3 ideas sound great. You're always welcome to stay w/us in LA too - although toddlers aren't super romantic we still bring the party!

Sizzle said...

I love surprising people! I am also a control freak so I have trouble being surprised. It's hard for people to do, actually. I long to be surprised but in reality, I might actually hate it. If Mr. Darcy packed for me it would probably be all wrong. He packs much like your guy. Your ideas for surprising him sound great and I say DO IT.

Dr. Maureen said...

Do it! I love surprising people with perfect gifts. And it would be a gift for YOU too! So fun! I don't know where you should go, though. I'd vote San Diego, but that is because *I* want to go to San Diego, whereas I have no particular interest in visiting Garrett's parents although I am sure they are lovely people. So it's not an objective vote. :)

Jessica said...

That sounds like so much fun! I say go for it.

My husband could never ever pack for me. It would be a disaster. But he could say "pack your bags, we're leaving tomorrow," so don't give up on having a surprise trip if you really want one. I don't know if Garrett's the type to ever do that, but you could hint...

Shelly said...

Yes! You should go! I vote for going to visit his parents. He says he has wanted to, plus you can always find fun/romantic things to do wherever you are! :)

Heather R said...

Yes, do it!! My husband planned a surprise trip for me...He booked a four night trip to the Bahamas and had already asked his parents to come and watch the kids. It was our first vacation away from the kids! He created a picture on photoshop taht included a pic of the hotel, a picture of his parents with the kids, a map of the island, and a picture of the plane ticket with dates. Then he sent to walgreens and made it into a framed magnet. He then used an X-acto (I totally thought it was "exacto" until I just googled it) knife to cut it up into pieces. He gave me the frame part for xmas and then gave me a few pieces at a time over the course of 2 months until I had completed the puzzle (on the fridge). So it was a surprise, but I also had a few weeks after I figured it out to plan/pack/get used to the idea. It was really fun!!

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