February 28, 2011

A Whole Lotta Nothing

One of the books I read this month was a collection of monthly columns written by an author documenting the books he purchased vs. the books he read.  If I actually kept track of this, as well as books checked out at the library, I would look like an out of control addict.  Garrett and I went to the Bay Area this weekend and as is customary on the way home we stopped at our favorite bookstore in Concord.  As I walked through the doors I said, "We were just here a few weeks ago.  They have nothing I need.  DO NOT LET ME BUY ANYTHING."  And 90 minutes and $67 later I walked out the door, head hanging in shame.  I don't know what it is about buying books:  the unknown, the potential for a good story, the pretty covers -- but I can not control myself.  

Speaking of complete lack of self control -- I find this Charlie Sheen business sort of fascinating.  It's like a trainwreck that you just can't stop watching -- like many blogs I read actually.  Did you know that I have an entire subfolder entitled TrainWrecks in my Google Reader?  I'm a terrible person, right?  Anyway, if Charlie Sheen had a blog he would so be in that folder and I would be refreshing CONSTANTLY.  I wish he would quit talking to TMZ and go on Celebrity Rehab because that would be entertaining.  I'm sure he would turn Dr. Drew's hair even whiter and hit on every D-List chick celebrity that was on there, but come on?  That would be great TV.

Do you know what TV disappointed me last week?  The Real Housewives of Miami.  I have long said I would pretty much watch anything Bravo served up.  I don't know what it is about their particular formula of television but it just works for me.  They could produce a show about Lion Tamers and I'd probably sit through it mesmerized each week while simultaneously wondering if Andy Cohen would be my friend in real life.  My love is deep.  But Miami was only meh, in my opinion.  I hope the franchises aren't starting to go downhill because that would be a bummer.  The only saving grace is that Bethenny Ever After premieres tonight and I kid you not if you would like insight into my relationship with Garrett please watch that show because I am convinced that they are living our lives.  Granted, the fabulous wealthy New York version, but there are some strange coincidences.  I think what I am telling you is that I'm annoying and overbearing and Garrett is cute and mellows me out.  There I just saved you an hour of your life trying to decode the similarities.  Don't say I've never done you any favors.

Well since this post has turned into a rambling pointless post full of nothing, why don't you tell me something equally silly?  What was the weather like where you were this weekend?  We were supposed to have a Snowpocalypse down in San Francisco and while the weather wasn't tropical, it was sunny as hell.  Snowpocalypse?  It didn't even rain.  But people were talking like it was time to start building rafts.  We'd be laughed out of the midwest and east coast, I'm sure.    California weather people just make things up.  I think they like to hear themselves talk.  Sort of like this blog post.  I have no way to end this. 

Here, how about this funny picture of dogs.  (via @offbeatariel) 

Yes, that ending is perfect. 


Jessica said...

My sister loves Bethenny. Perhaps because she's also overbearing and her husband is mellow. Now I want to watch the show!

Calves said...

ha fun rambles, the weather was yucks! I did see a car with a foot of snow on it as I headed to the socal spartan race, and at the race (not snowing but chilly raining) there was a long lean man running in nothing but shoes and batman under-roos... talk about random!

Anonymous said...

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