May 21, 2010

Focusing on the Positive

So I played hooky at work yesterday because the Air Conditioner in our house isn't working so I had a guy come out to look at it and figure out what the heck was wrong with it.  The short answer is:  everything.  The long answer is:  We just need to get a new one.  But the AC guy was nice enough to tell me that he has seen new systems as cheap as $6,000. 

Blink. Blink.  blinkblinkblinkblink.

Well golly gee, that's good to hear.  They're cheap!  OMGKILLMENOW.

So yeah, not so much goodness happening around these parts this week.  We're going to go ahead and add the A/C project to our To-Do list of *life projects that are totally going to be cheap to do I'm sure*, which also includes:

-Landscape Front and Back Yard
-Fix Air Conditioner in my car before Sacramento gets sucky and sweltering
-Fix CV Boot issue in Garrett's car
-Paint Interior House..oh, and my personal favorite
-Go to the dentist to get to the bottom of that tooth of mine that is hurting

So Yeah....since I'm trying to stay positive here, I'm choosing instead to focus on this to-do list, which I like to call

Shit I'm Prioritizing This Weekend:

*Making this Warm Quinoa Salad
*Reading this book. 
Real Quick, can somebody tell real quick when I turned into a giant hippy?
Meh.  Whatever. 
*Watch copious amounts of Criminal Minds

I'm going through an obsession with that show, pretty much as I did with every single one of the CSI franchises (except NY, I just can't get into CSI:NY), where I can watch like 5 episodes back to back and not bat an eyelash.  What can I tell you?  I can be a master at the art of time-suckage when I want to be.  

This weekend, will be great damnit!  And at least it won't be hot, so I've got that going for me with no Air Conditioning...hahahahahahahahaSOB.

Hope you are doing something great, friend!

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