March 09, 2010

Well It Put A Smile On My Face And That's Really Saying Something

Seriously, I want to be blogging kitties, puppies, and unicorn farts today but I am in an oddly bad mood and practicaly giving the stink eye to old ladies on the street. I need a nap, a reboot, and to start over again tomorrow; however, a few things have made me smile today.

And for your viewing pleasure, those things are as follows:

This website via Metalia.  Partly because it is hysterical, and also partly because when she tweeted it, she warned that it was slightly NSFW due to "partially nude hobos," which, I mean come can't NOT laugh at that. It makes me very grateful that I drive my car to work.

Also, this post via Sarah Brown.  I was practically snorting my iced tea, which in itself was not very funny, but the post was.   

(Mmmm...Peet's Summer House Iced Tea made me smile today.  Yummy.)

Also these lame jokes:
Did you hear about the guy who was addicted to line dancing?  He entered a 2 step program.
What about the guy who was addicted to drinking brake fluid? He could stop anytime he wanted.
(Via Ken Koch via Becky Johnson on Facebook.  Thank you for those, Becky...really.)

And last but not least, DJ Pauly D is going to be in Sacramento on Thursday night.  And if there is anything funnier than sorting through Google Images to fine a picture of Pauly D to post, I don't know what it is. 

He loves Cadillac and Peace...what a guy!  I'm hoping a workout, asparagus, bacon, and pinenut pasta and some bad television will be just what the doctor ordered. 


Kerri Anne said...

I cannot stop laughing at that tattoo right now. Cadillac should give him at least one car for that stellar advertising.

PenelopeLovesLists said...

Ah, DJ Pauly D. Who doesn't love that guy? I mean, really.


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