November 03, 2006

Bones to Pick

Two random points of contention:

1. What is happening to Tower Cafe? The quality of food and the service at that restaurant is declining like a cancer patient with a metastasized liver. Whoa!...its finally happened...too many Grey's Anatomy episodes have me making cruel and insensitive medical jokes. I knew that show was bad news! Anyway, last Sunday Garrett and I hit it up for breakfast, and once again the food was subpar. Anyone who knows me, knows that it is a rule that everyone orders their own breakfast entree and then the appropriate amount of their delicious French Toast is ordered as well--whether you want it or not. Frankly if you don't want it, you're probably not even a friend of mine, but that is beside the point. The point is, lately the entrees really havent been tasting that great. The french toast is the only thing that keeps me coming back. Brown eggs, and not so brown potatoes are not the signature cuisine I have come to expect on my weekend mornings. Its kind of a tragedy. And to make it even worse the service has been horrific! Garrett and I waited for almost 40 minutes after we finished our meals to get our check last Sunday (luckily we brought the paper with us, so it wasn't a total loss) and when we finally tracked down our waiter, he forgot that he had already served us our food and gave us the broken record "Your food is just about ready." It was SO bizarre...though sadly, not that uncommon as of late. (The biggest tragedy of this little rant is that we didn't even order French Toast this time so it was bad service, brown eggs, and not-brown potatoes...not so good...not so good!) I know Tower Records is on its way out of town, but Tower Cafe is a little ray of sunshine on the weekends, and my last few experiences there left much to be desired...WTF???

2. Since when did wearing acid washed tapered jeans with an acid washed denim shirt come back in fshion? I've seen two people wearing that senseless ensemble today, and I am incredibly curious. Did I not get the memo???

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