December 14, 2010

The Travel Bug Has Bitten

Because I love clean cut beginnings and endings, and mostly because I love to do big picture planning, the end of the year always appeals to me.  For the same reasons Mondays actually appeal to me also, but I know I am slightly in the minority on that, so let's forget about that for a minute.  I think this makes sense to a lot of people -- the love for planning, but in practice I am slightly crazy at the end of the year, just ask Garrett.  I have been following him around for last couple of weeks talking about our 2011 travel plans and he keeps looking at me like, "Woman, can we get through Christmas already?" 


Anyway, we have a few trips that we have already agreed upon, plus a wishlist that I'm just putting out to the Universe in case it wants to drop some fabulous opportunity in my lap or something.    

January -- The Great Southwest Road Trip 2011
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Since Garrett is back working the retail circuit, vacay in November and December is not an option.  His parents live on a ranch in New Mexico though and we really want to go see them.  I've never been to there house in the 5 years we've been dating if you can believe that?!?  So we've finally marked off two weeks in January to road trip our way out there, spent some quality time, and then fly home.  I'm really looking forward to it.  We are currently planning tentative stops in central/so-cal, and Arizona (his grandma lives there) plus 5 or 6 days in NM with the parentals.  I'm pretty excited about it seeing as I've never been to either state ever!  I'm definitely down for some suggestions of places to stop so if you have any let me know.

May -- Playa del Carmen, Mexico with Garrett and his friends
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The boys are planning this one and I'm just showing up, which could be genius or a total nightmare.  I'm thinking it will be genius though and am getting pretty excited.  Mexico is another place I've never really been (Tijuana soooo doesn't count!)  Also, it has been great workout motivation, if nothing else.  Can't wait to be lying on a Carribbean beach with a giant drink in hand hanging out with fun people that know how to have a good time! 

August -- San Diego for the BlogHer?

Right now this is a maybe.  It's so close so I feel like I should go, but honestly the thought of a million people I don't know is sort of socially overwhelming.  Are you going?  Tell me you are going.  It will make me feel much better.  Besides I have gone to San Diego every year for the last 3 or 4 years, so it's kind of A Must, I think or I may have withdrawals.

Fall 2011 -- The Blathering, Austin TX
Both Garrett and I are OBSESSED with going to Austin, so I will have to figure out how the two of are going to travel there together plus have a girls weekend.  It can happen, I'm sure of it. 

Probable other trips with no determined time:
Seattle Again -- Seattle and I fell in love at first sight and I am convinced we must return! 
Portland -- why not just squeeze it in with another Pacific Northwest adventure?

Trips to find time for (and hey,  money!  Universe do you hear me?): 
Boston -- How have I not been here yet?
Maui Again -- I know nothing will compare to the first time, but I would really like to get back there again for some beaching and frosty umbrella drinks. 

Where do you want to go in 2011?


Erica said...

considering a trip to Blogher with my sister and another friend...maybe I'll see you there!

AndreAnna said...

I did BlogHer this year and though I had fun with my friends I didn't LOVE it. This year, though, I launched a whole new type of website/blog and if I DO go, I will actually try and get something out of it this time. Last time, the panels didn't do much for me.

I d id have fun though!!

Also, I will be in Playa in May too! How funny is we'd be going at the same time? What hotel are you staying at? email me!

Camels & Chocolate said...

I think Scott and I are actually going to go on a big six-week Southwest/Western road trip come May. I used to live in Arizona and am in love with that part of the country!

Also, I think I'm finally going to commit to going to BlogHer for a change.

As for where else I'd like to go in 2011, I won a trip to Aruba and Scott and I are trying to get over to Fiji to dive! And I'm sure I'll have a few work trips scattered here and there.

Home Sweet Sarah said...

No BlogHer for me! I love San Diego, having lived there for 5 years, but just cannot get on board with ALL THE STUFF that goes along with it, you know? As for The Blathering, I SO HOPE I can make it.

Kate said...

With a new baby this year I doubt we will do any 'for fun' traveling. But, we will be moving from Portland, Oregon to Toronto, Ontario - so does the journey there count?

Okay, so I lived in Arizona for a few years - and there are some stunning hidden gems. You really should see Sedona, AZ if you get a chance. It is beautiful and like no place else on earth. If you want more info. email me, because I could write a book on the place and I don't want to do it in your comment section :)

Other places in AZ - Jerome, Flagstaff and the snowbowl of Arizona, old Scottsdale. In NM - check out Taos if you can.

Kate said...

Oh, and I don't know how much flexibility you have - or even if it is available this time of year - but Havasupai Falls. If you could do ONE THING in Arizona... do that. It is beyond difficult - you have to either hike in for an entire day ONE WAY or take a helicopter.


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