September 07, 2010

In Case You Ever Need To Know

A mid-day meme, because...well, because why not, really?

Six things I could live without, but it wouldn't be pretty:

1.  Internet
2.  A Book Light (Hello, I'm a nerd, and must read in bed Every Single Night to fall asleep)
3.  Coffee (I mean, that's like not even an option.  How will I do it when I'm preggo?)
4.  Cell Phone
5.  Reality TV
6.  A Huge Purse (Garrett calls my purse my gym bag, but you know what?  I like to keep a lot of shit on hand, ok?  And I'm not gonna change anytime soon!)

Six movies I've never seen before:

I don't really like watching movies, except in the theater, so this list is long.  Here's the abbreviated version:

1.  Casablanca
2.  Schindler's List
3.  Annie Hall
4.  Die Hard
5.  Julie & Julia (Couldn't get through it, what a slog!)
6.  New Moon

I know, Roger Ebert would be ashamed.

Six pet peeves:

1.  Gum Smacking
2.  Passive Aggressive Behavior
3.  Automated Phone Systems
4.  Telemarketers calling my house in the evening
5.  When someone walks in a door before me and lets it slam in my face
6.  People who whine and complain (even though yes, I know I do this at times myself -- that doesn't mean it's not annoying)

Six things I really love doing:

1.  Taking Naps
2.  Cooking dinner after a long day at work (especially if it involves lots of chopping)
3.  Road Trips
4.  Curling up with a good book
5.  Getting up early
6.  Having conversations when you feel like you just click with someone

Six TV shows I really enjoy:

1.  Criminal Minds
2.  Any sort of Dateline/48 Hours/20 20 type Mystery
(Though both of these shows made me feel certain that someone was breaking into my house every single night when the house would creak, so now I am trying to cut back on the anxiety inducing television, ya know?)
3.  Psych
4.  Mad Men
5.  Jersey Shore  (I'm sorry, I am in love with this show and I don't care who knows about it!)
6.  The Soup

Six jobs I have held:

1.  Barista - Starbucks (groan)
2.  Barista - Peet's Coffee & Tea
3.  Manager - Peet's Coffee & Tea
(10+ Years in the coffee industry -- it's partly why I can not even go a day without it. Ever.)
4.  Commercial Underwriter
5.  Insurance Trainer
6.  Um, I haven't had 6 jobs?  I have only worked for 3 companies over the last 16 years.  Call me loyal!

Six books I've never read:

1.  Anything by Faulkner
2.  Anything by Jack Kerouac
3.  Anything by George Orwell
4.  Anything by Joseph Heller
5.  Anything by L. Ron Hubbard
6.  The Final Twilight Book -- what's it called again?  Yeah, didn't read it even though I invested the time in the other 3.

...and, hey look, they still gave me an English Degree, so there!

Six movies I will always watch if they are on:

1.  Legally Blonde
2.  Shag
3.  The Sound of Music (If you turn this off, you are a communist!)
4.  Son-in-Law
5.  Old School
6.  Love Actually

1 comment:

Pumpkin said...

Yea! Another person who has never read the last Twilight book. Actually, I read 1/2 of the last book and have never picked it back up. Something in me just said, "I'm done now. Nothing in the last 150 pages is going to make this right.


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