August 27, 2010

What I Want vs. What I Got (It's like dueling banjos up in here!)

*I hope this post title did not get either of the two annoying songs in your head that I now have in my head.  My fingers are crossed.

What I want:
  • An unlimited Gift Card to Burpee
  • A weekend out of town
  • The Day Off
  • Sushi Delivery  for lunch
  • A Giant Pool and a Grotto to come home to tonight
  • Cocktails to have by said pool
  • A beautifully catered dinner on our lounge chairs by the pool
What I've Got:
  • Plenty of time to save for the stuff I want to plant in Fall
  • A weekend that includes pickling, reading, and wine-tasting
  • Hey, at least today is Friday
  • Homemade Chili for lunch, and that is free, yo!  (sort of)
  • The second set of landscapers coming by this afternoon to address our front and back yard.  No Porno Pool planned, but I am getting an Extreme Garden Makeover (yay!)
  • There is champagne in the fridge for when I get home from the gym tonight
  • Tandoori Chicken is in the fridge marinating, and I will happily (and let's be real, probably sweatily since I will be post-gym) chow down on it on my couch with Garrett.

All in all, things aren't exactly perfect, but on this Friday they are looking pretty good from where I am sitting.

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