July 05, 2010

July Goals

After a personally and professionally draining 2008 I let myself off the hook for New Year's Resolutions.  2009 would be the year of relaxing.  And it was, thankfully, and my mental to do list was chock full of things like "chill out" and "take a deep breath."  By default, when 2010 came around I was sort of enjoying the lack of overarching direction and decided once again to cool it on my normally anal Mission Statement For Life.  But after a year and a half, the little list maker inside of me is ready to bring it back.  As much as lists do sometimes increase my pressure to accomplish, I have finally admitted to myself that I also thoroughly enjoy the act of accomplishing and have genuinely missed the ability to document, strikethrough, and appreciate my own efforts!  So this month I'm getting back to goal-setting, and I hope you will indulge me.  

July Goals 

Health and Wellness
  • Make Appointment with Naturopathic Doctor
  • Make Appointment with Dermatologist to get skin checked
  • Workout 15 times
  • Get Haircut
  • Get Pedicure (Trust me, this counts as Wellness!  haha) 
  • Plan a Date Night Outing with Garrett
  • Cook Dinner for Family or Friends at least twice
  • Think of a thoughtful, creative present for my Mom's Birthday
  • Have a Girls Night Out! 
Cooking and Baking
  • Make Jam
  • Meal Plan for the next 4 weeks 
Intellectual Pursuits
  • Read and Review 4 books (on the blog or Goodreads)
  • Submit one piece of writing to a website that is not your own 
  • Finish Coursework for 2nd Exam of Insurance Designation
  • Schedule 2nd Exam
  • Purchase Materials for 3rd Exam 
  • Paint Guest Bedroom
  • Clean Out Closet 
  • Do a Goodwill Run 
  • Narrow Down Options for Landscape Contractors 
Money and Budget 
  • Try (really I mean it, honestly, try) to keep grocery budget under $400
  • Revise Our Monthly Budget 

It's a full list, but I think it's a good list.  And frankly just writing it down makes me excited to get started -- funny how that works! 


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