July 23, 2010

I Am Too Old For This $h!t...

You are only as young as you feel and all that, and this post is in no way me declaring my old lady-ness, but lately I have realized that there are some things that I used to love or be very involved in that I just can no longer get behind.  Here is the abbreviated list:

  • Friday thru Sunday weekend trips that involve flying (unless it is for something Super BADASS, of course)
  • Trying to connect with people who can't put their cell phones down
  • Weeknight shows that are in San Francisco when I have to work the next day
  • Picking up my life and starting over in a different city without a SIGNIFICANT raise in pay
  • Girl Drama
(RIP cute and perky Lindsay...)
  • Moving every year
  • Dying my hair (oh the bad hair color I have sported!)
  • Starting a night out at 10 pm
  • Piercings in places other than my ears
  • Passive Agressive Facebook/Twitter Statuses
(Although regular Passive Aggressive Notes still make me laugh...)

What are you too old for???

1 comment:

Melanie said...

I completely agree with your list.

As far as old lady-ness, sometimes I don't feel 26 (and I know I don't look it! I think I'm finally starting to appreciate the babyface) and other times I feel old as dirt. All these kids with their cell phones... I didn't get mine until I was in college! Younguns!

Anyway. I'm too old for all those things, and also:

- Going to Wal-mart at 2 AM just because.
- Drinking on weekdays, or more than two nights in a row for that matter (I think I maxed out at 7 in college while studying abroad... What was I thinking?).
- Surviving on less than 6 hours of sleep for weeks on end (I once stayed up for 56 hours straight on account of multiple tests and was borderline delirious).

And one that I probably should have outgrown but haven't...
- Going to the store in workout (or pajama!) pants and a college t-shirt.


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