April 13, 2010

Phoning It In For The Sake Of My Laundry

So tonight I could sit down and blog, or I could get my laundry done, and return some long overdue emails, and pack like an adult since we will be on a plane in slightly more than two days (and in this rainy weather I swear that's how long it is going to take my jeans to air dry so I better get to washing unless I want to resort to the dryer and look like a flood warning is in full effect the entire time I'm in Seattle.)

Anyway, since I obviously have like 900 things to do before this trip -- which technically is a trip for Garrett's Birthday (even though his actual birthday is not until May) -- I thought I would post a few snapshots of the first birthday trip we ever took together up to Humboldt County way back when we were just babies in love.  I think I may have washed my face and brushed my teeth first thing every morning on that trip.  Ok, I probably wasn't that crazy, but when I look at these pictures I just remember how excitedly new everything felt!

We spent a day driving up the coast, checked in to the World's Cutest Cabin and then spent a few days eating crazy-hot hot wings, drinking Lost Coast brew (if you see their Tangerine Wheat beer -- drink it immediately!), and meandering up and down North Coast beaches hand in hand being super sappy.  Did you just barf a little?  I know, that was pretty sickening, but it was quite blissful actually.  And I have the same hopes for this birthday vacation!  

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Meredith from PenelopeLovesLists said...

I think that sounds like the perfect little vacation! Didn't barf at all.


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