April 05, 2010

Coffee Is My Religion


Well that was a quick Easter weekend, wasn't it? 

I don't have any stories of bunnies or baskets (well maybe I do have one story about a basket) but I did have a fabulous time!  We headed up to Chico to visit my aunts and cousins and if there is one thing you should know about my family, it is that we always have a great time together.  Although I was raised going to church, as an adult I am not very religious.  Our family holidays almost always end up as religious events though, because boy do we get a little ceremonious (even holy) about our food!

For Easter this means Eggs Benedict.

And you can bet every member of my family, no matter where they were celebrating this year was either eating it or thinking about it.  I'd show you a photo, except that is how quickly the bennys went -- I didn't even time to snap a single shot before all the deliciousness was gone!  This year was the first year I actually made the eggs benedict instead of sitting at the table salivating and waiting for it to be served and it was kind of great!  It sort of felt like a rite of passage -- we used my grandma's recipe for hollandaise sauce and I poached my first eggs EVER, and I'm surprised that it all turned out pretty great.  (I'm sure it had to do with my mad kitchen dancing skillz, yo!)  But it made me think -- what other seemingly difficult recipes I have avoided making just because I thought for sure I'd screw them up?  I'm actually kind of inspired to get in the kitchen!

After breakfast we went over to my aunts' warehouse (they own a coffee distribution and service company) and seriously, Garrett and I were like kids in a candy store!  (In case you have forgotten, we met working at Peet's Coffee & Tea, so we are coffee ENTHUSIASTS!)  We played with the espresso machines, sampled the chocolate, the syrups, the espresso, and the chai -- and I think Garrett rekindled his love for making espresso drinks. 

The Foam Whisperer

Of course every time Garrett or Amy made a drink we would all have to sample the yumminess, so by the end of the day we were all feeling pretty amped, if you know what I mean.  Amy told us all about her recent coffee buying trip down to Nicaragua, and we were all ears! 

The family tasting

All in all it was a super fun outing and so nice to spend time with family.  I'm trying to be really conscious lately of how lucky I am that I have family living close by, because who knows, it may not always be like that.  It's fun to get away for the day, have some laughs, and be home in time for some trashy reality tv and some quality time with my current book in bed! 

But let me assure you, I am already ready for another weekend!  
Hope you had a wonderful weekend wherever you were and whatever you ate!

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Kerri Anne said...

I am a fan of any day that involves Eggs Benedict.


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