December 14, 2009

5 Best of 09 Takes

(This post is a part of Gwen Bell's The Best of 2009 Blog Challenge.)

Boy I sure fell off the wagon there for a minute, didn't I? In any case, here are a few more Bests of 2009, quick take style:

1. Album of the Year: So I've been brewing an entire blog post in my head this year called "In Defense of Lady Gaga" (as if she is such an object of persecution, woe is Gaga), but what can I say? I'm lazy and I haven't written it. Other things I haven't done include: finish Christmas cards, call to get our heater fixed (brr!) and clean the bathrooms, but like I always say -- there's always tomorrow! And seriously, I have had lots of important things that needed to be done immediately, like watch Jersey Shore and reorganize every cabinet in my kitchen, so there. Anyway, I know many people think she is a cheesy ass, attention starved, pop-star and you know what, I can't really argue with that. But seriously in the big scheme of things, who is more sadly in need of attention -- the celebrity that just "happens" to show up at all the hip clubs and super-photographed restaurants "by chance" wearing all the most fashionable clothes OR the chick who shows up somewhere with freakin deer antlers on her head? I mean, yeah, she wants attention (obvs!) but come on -- she has to have a sense of humor too, right? Also, even if her songs contain such poetically ridiculous lyrics such as: "I'm not loose I like to party Let's get lost in your Ferrari" -- the girl can sing -- and it's sort of refreshing that her sound isn't synthesized on every track. Speaking of every track, Garrett and I listened to the entire "The Fame" album almost exclusively while we were in Maui, just because the lyrics made us laugh, it was silly, and we thought we were very hysterical -- I guess you had to be there. But because we were feeling generous we left the cd in our rental car for the next person to enjoy for the sole reason that in 2009 I really think that everyone needed a little more Gaga in their life. So yeah, that's my album of the year pic for what it's worth. (Sidebar: I realize her album actually technically came out in 2008, but I take a minute to warm up to things, okay?)

See...Gaga even makes waiting in traffic on the Road to Hana enjoyable!

2. The Best Place in 2009: Hands down, my Kitchen -- which is actually kind of funny because about a year and a half ago Garrett remodeled his whole house (now my house) and pretty much every room got upgraded except the kitchen. But even though our kitchen is outdated in comparison to the rest of our house, it has been my favorite place to unwind this year. I love nothing more after a long stressful day than to come and spend time slicing and dicing and creating something with all my pent up energy. I've gotten more creative in the kitchen this year and that has been awesome!

3. New Food: Speaking of creativity in the kitchen, I learned to cook Indian food like a champ this year! I've always thought the flavors were delicious, but since it's kind of rare that we go out to dinner -- and when we do, we usually hit up the same usual suspects -- I rarely get to eat it. This year, since I tried to start cooking more vegetarian dishes, I figured I would give some Indian recipes a try and some of them have become staples!

4. Best Change you made to the place you live: Um...I decorated? Actually now that I think about it, I decorated twice. Well let me explain: first I took my little bachelorette studio and turned into a homey little pad just for me. And then, as you know, a few months later Garrett and I decided to shack up, so I turned a recently remodeled bachelor pad into a cozy home for two -- and I had a pretty fun time doing it! You may remember my tale of extreme makeover and really, it continues to be an on-going project. But I love the idea of making a house feel like a home, and it's so fun to continue finding things that make it feel ours!

5. Best Rush of the Year: Jeez, I have no idea what my best rush was...I didn't do anything XXXTREME (with 3 Xs) I don't think -- Vin Diesel and I are kind of on the outs. Does it count that I got a rush when I knew the $2000 question in Urban Dictionary on Jeopardy the other night when I was in a room full of non-bloggers and shouted out "DOOCED!"? #bloggernerdalert No? Okay then, well um...I surfed on an anchor on the Central Coast -- how about that?

Well, if nothing else, I make an ass out of myself so you don't have to.

You are all welcome.

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