July 27, 2009

What's For Dinner?

It's been awhile since I've posted a menu, but rest assured they go up every week around here. If I didn't have a list telling me what to make every night we would undoubtedly eat microwave quesadillas for dinner all week.

This week Monday is my mom's super comfort food enchiladas. We call them White Enchiladas around these parts and they are full of cheesy, olive-y goodness!

Tuesday's Taco Salad is a staple in our house. Garrett pretty much loves it and it couldn't be easier. Ground Turkey, Taco Seasoning, Olives, Avocado, Tomatoes, Kidney Beans, Red Onions, Thousand Island Dressing, Hot Sauce, and Red Onion. So Easy, yet So Good.

Wednesday's Pork is just traditional breaded thin pork chops and the Beautiful Rice is a recipe I picked up over here, so I'm trying it out this week for something a little different. I'll cook up some kind of veggie (maybe roasted cauliflower -- a favorite) but I'm not sure what yet.

Thursday is exactly what is says. Caramelized Onions are my new favorite pasta topper. Sounds weird. Totally isn't. I promise.

Friday is my favorite chili with some cheddar cornbread, and bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers (died and gone to heaven!).

Saturday we'll be getting our hands dirty with Teriyaki Wings (I hate buffalo wings) and fresh Corn on the Cob (Flossing Emergency, hello!)

And Sunday it will be left over city!

What are you all cooking?

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