February 02, 2009

Not much going on 'round these parts....

...um, I got a new haircut, how's that?

yeah, I didn't think it was that interesting either. But there are BANGS! And I love bangs!! Well, until they get too long and then they drive me crazy, which makes me grow them out, and then when they are finally long enough to not be irritating as hell, what do I do? Cut new ones.

It's a vicious cycle, I tell you.

Well, Garrett is in Des Moines, Iowa this week for work and thoroughly experiencing the fabulousness that is the mid-west. Actually when I was back there in 2006 I found it to be a pretty charming little city, so I am hoping he has the same experience and from what I hear thus far he likes it.

Besides enjoying Super Bowl with my mom, cousins, Aunt and Uncle (which was a freakin' blast) I didn't do a whole helluva lot this weekend. I'm hoping this week is mellow and relaxing and full of lots of sleep. I felt like I was getting sick this weekend and I am so OVER that! I spent a week last February with the worst flu ever and do not need a repeat this year. No siree!

What about you folks...what are you up to???

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